Hatha Yoga

8 Benefits Of Practicing Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a form of exercise that originates from India. It has been associated with many physical and mental which has made it an extremely popular exercise routine around the world.

For those beginners, who are just started to learn Hatha yoga, what really matters are perseverance and patience. It is the person’s attitude towards learning a new thing and the determination to see it through the end. Everything else will just come easy.

There is really no need to get anything new to practice yoga. Just some loose fitting clothes, an optional yoga mat, and an area to practice in, that is quiet, is enough to start with. It also helps to have a balanced diet,( check our Ayurvedic articles) which can help in your Hatha yoga practice.

Hatha Yoga exercise

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8 Main Hatha Yoga

  1. As people age, they are concerned with anti-aging products to help them preserve their youth. Hatha yoga can help to combat aging by circulating blood in the body and stimulate your bodies detoxification processes.
  2. Hatha Yoga strengthens the body’s core strength, while improving upper and lower back muscles. This helps the body to maintain a proper posture and reduce aches caused by improper posture.
  3. Do you know that some people lose weight by doing yoga? (See below) It may not seem tiring to some, as it involves a lot of stretching and sitting on a yoga mat, but it is an intense exercise which increase metabolism. With increased metabolism, the weight will fall off easily.
  4. Hatha Yoga increases your bodies through stretching. Many occupations involve work that requires sitting down and staring at computers, which does nothing for your . By doing Hatha yoga, your body becomes more flexible, and this helps strength in sexual intercourse as well.
  5. Yoga also helps the mind to concentrate and improves the memory. This is because the brain is receiving more blood due to increased blood circulation. It is beneficial for students who have a hard time trying to concentrate and study.
  6. Doing Hatha yoga can increase the level of endorphins in the body and bring about mood improvement. Mood improvement helps increased confidence and can help to combat depression.
  7. Researchers have shown that yoga is beneficial to people who are suffering from illness. Yoga is able to increase the internal organs ability to withstand disease. Your overall health is dramatically improved in the long run.
  8. Hatha Yoga practice can help relieve stress. This is because yoga helps people to concentrate on other things, while learning to relax themselves. Doing yoga daily will help people to start cherishing the present moment.

Hatha Yoga poses

Hatha Yoga Guide For Beginners

Hatha Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach or about one or two hours after a full meal. It is important to empty your bowel, clean out your nostrils and throat, and drink a small glass of room temperature water about 15 minutes before your start.

If needed, to avoid getting hungry during practice, it is OK to consume something light, such as a piece of fruit, or energy bar one hour before yoga.

Yoga is an exercise that does not require sports equipment.  It can be practiced virtually anywhere by people of all ages. It is advisable to practice in a quiet, clean, and well ventilated place.

A mat, blanket, or towel could be used to provide support or give comfort when doing lying or sitting position. Loose or stretch clothing, are important to give freedom to body and not restrict its movements. Choose from shorts, sweat clothes or leotards.

Similar to regular exercise, start with easy poses to familiarize your body for much difficult exercises later. Do not over-strain yourself. If there is any pain or fatigue, stop, give yourself a break. This is not a contest!

Try relaxing in between difficult exercises to give your body a rest.

Yoga sessions can be done first thing in the morning to rejuvenate the mind and body. It is best done daily. Even as little as 15 minutes of practice and 15 minutes of breathing daily will offer many benefits.

Yoga session can be broken down to warm up exercises, standing poses, sitting poses, twists, supine and prone poses, inverted and balance poses, back-bends and finishing poses.

More information can be obtained by joining a yoga studio. However it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing is the desire to expand your self awareness, and the attitude of persevering.

Hatha Yoga exercises

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Simple Steps To Looking Good With Yoga

We pretty much all have a desire to look good and to feel good. But how many of us actually take the steps to utilize the means available to make our body look good. There are a variety of devilish foods that can tempt any mortal into over-consumption hell, but there are also ways to combat the side of such gluttony.

One of the side of eating too much is increased of weight.

Before jumping into the trendiest diet, take Hatha yoga into consideration. This is a disciplined approach, yet offers a simple and achievable regime that can be incorporated into a weight loss program. This becomes a lifestyle.

First, do an analysis of your fitness and weight loss targets. Keep in mind your age, current health and eating habits. If you have a healthy lifestyle that already involves physical activities, then the extra weight are negligible.

However, if you are leading a lifestyle without any exercise, binge eating and stressful work, then it might lead to serious health problems. By doing regular exercise, it can help to lose weight, which helps you to get in shape and look good.

Besides that, you get a healthy body and mind. How good does that sound?

Look, we cannot just have the desire to lose weight. We need to focus on doing it, only then will the weight losing process seem achievable. So, set modest goals to give yourself the confidence to do it. Then, continue to lose weight at your own pace, within a set time period.

There might be some distraction from the fluctuation of your weight, which can lower your enthusiasm sometimes. Just keep a positive mindset stay on course, and do not be lured by those miraculous weight loss claim solutions by advertisement.

Long term weight loss demands a lifestyle change

Everyone’s body is different, and requires a body specific weight loss plan. Start with simple Hatha yoga exercises such as yoga asanas and pranayama – (Breath control). Then proceed on to higher levels of hatha yoga to challenge your body. You will definitely feel improvement within your body and become mentally stronger as the time goes on.

There are also lifestyle changes that need to be made, as yoga teaches moderation. You have to discipline yourself from excesses in life.

Practice Hatha yoga in the morning before work. However, to do this, you need to get to sleep early so you can get enough quality sleep. You need to decide, better health, or late night parties and drinking.

It is also important to eat healthy and nutritious food in appropriate quantities. It is possible to reward yourself once in a while to indulge in foods that you like. The key word is moderation.

Lastly, it is important to have perseverance, practice and patience will bestow the pay off.

You have to have strong belief in yourself that you can succeed with yoga and Hatha Yoga, in the long run.

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