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Types of Meditation

As you deepen your spiritual meditation practice, you will become increasingly aware of all the ways in which you are already connected to God and the Universe. You’ll gain greater access to your own inner wisdom and power, enabling you to recognize the pure consciousness residing within yourself.

Types of Meditation

Yoga Mats

A yoga mat should be comfortable and supportive, provide sufficient grip to keep you from slipping, and be no-fuss enough to clean and carry (whether from home to the park or back to in-person classes at your

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What Is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is used by many people not only to relax from a busy day but also to tune into their own bodies and minds. Since days have become more stressful, the world has become more crowded and more worldly problems have risen, many people are finding comfort, safety and bliss in a few minutes of guided meditation a day. With the help of a

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Is There A ‘Science of Yoga”?

The stretches and contortions integral to the ancient Eastern practice of yoga were designed to blend body and soul, meshing the physical with the mental and spiritual. Modern-day science confirms that the practice also has tangible physical benefits to overall health benefits that can include improved brain function and denser bones.

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