Best Yoga Moves To Do With A Partner

Best Yoga Moves To Do With A Partner

When people think of yoga they tend to think of a solitary . At most, they think of how people are involved in a class setting.

There is a misconception that yoga is a stand-alone or solitary , but you may be interested to find that there are several poses you can do as a couple, with a partner, friend, or significant other.

Here are a few of the ones you can start off with and work your way up to over time.

Supported Lotus

Supported Lotus

The supported lotus pose is probably one of the easiest poses to achieve in a partner stance. This pose is simple enough in that both of you sit in the lotus position with your backs touching.

The benefit of this pose is that it allows you to have the benefits of the meditative lotus pose while keeping each other in a straight or posture positive position. It is a great place to start or end your daily yoga routine and can help you both with meditation and energy flow.

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Forward and Back Bend

Forward and Back Bend

The forward and backbend is done in the lotus position and can actually help you flow from lotus position into the next pose easily if you prefer no breaks and reduced movement during poses.

Simply stay in the lotus position and begin the forward backbend by having one of you lean forward while the other rests back to back and performs a backbend. You can do this standing as well for a deeper stretch.

Buddy Boat Pose

Buddy Boat Pose

The buddy boat pose is a bit more advanced, but can be fun and can really work your leg . Sit a bit apart and facing each other. Put your feet together sole to sole with your partners.

Raise your feet up so your legs are making a triangle with the feet as the top of that triangle. Angle back on your rear and hold hands on either side of your legs.

This creates a boat and sail look. You can then begin rocking slowly to help stretch your legs or raise your legs and to create the stretch.

If these poses interest you, then you expand your knowledge and get out of your routine poses by going to partner classes.

Many yoga studios do offer them, though they may be less frequently offered than solitary practice or traditional yoga practice classes.

Things to Remember While Practicing :

Drop your ego. You’re not just working with your own body – you’re working with someone else. It’s not about who is more flexible, or who is stronger, it’s a great exercise in acceptance and being present!

Be Positive!

Be clear with your comments. It will make the exercises significantly easier and reduce frustration.

Always use proper alignment in poses.

Be Constructive.

Keep open communication with your partner so as to be aware of their comfort level.

Keep yourself clean. You’re working in close quarters another person, so be considerate – make sure you’ve showered, cleaned your teeth, don’t wear any perfumes. Skip the moisturizing skincare before practicing partner yoga – you don’t want to be slipping and sliding when you break a sweat.

Don’t take it too seriously. You may not integrate together your first time – that’s totally normal. The whole purpose of this practice is to enjoy yourself and each other.

Breathe, let go, and have fun together!

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