Mindfulness Meditation

Different Meditation Methods

There are many other types of mediation that can easily be used just like that of the simple meditation. Here, we’ll talk about several other options that may fill your needs. Should you choose one?

After you have learned the basics of meditation you can begin to experiment with other sometimes more complicated methods.

Walking Meditation

One other of meditation that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle is that of Walking Meditation. The process seems much simpler than it is, but it’s worth the try because it can allow you to enter into a new enlightenment no matter where you are.

Walking meditation does take practice so plan on giving it a few chances before you write it off as something that’s not working for you.

Here’s how walking meditation works.

Start by paying attention to your as you walk. You should take note of the way it feels, not just walking but how it affects each part of your . You should feel the ground hitting the bottom of your foot. You should feel the muscles in your and back tighten with each step that you take. Pay attention to these things.

Focus your attention, now on each of your feet. Start with just one foot. As it hits the ground, take notice of it. Feel the next foot come up and go down, notice how it feels too. Continue to do this over and over again until it almost becomes a mantra that you are saying to yourself.

If your mind begins to wander off, force yourself to focus on your movements again. Your eyes should be watching in front of you, without really looking at anything in particular. Don’t focus on anything else. This will help you to take your meditation to the next level of meditation.

Why should you use walking meditation? Its simple. When was the last time that you paid attention to the actually walking part of your movements?

You think about the countless things you have to do, where you are going and who’s talking to you, but not the movements of walking itself, which can offer a high level of relaxation when focused on.

By concentrating on walking itself, you can better experience relaxation and the movements of walking itself. Through this, you can enter into a new awareness of the world around you and of your physical self.


Transcendental Meditation

If you have come to learn meditation, it is likely that you want to learn transcendental meditation or TM for short. There are many people that have set their sights on this of meditation and with good reason.

First, it’s easy to learn. Second, you can actually find countless benefits from this type of meditation.

Once you learn to practice Transcendental Meditation, you’ll find results and benefits right away. Through a bit of practice, you could be doing this within a week or so, especially if you have practiced the other types of meditations prior to this.

During Transcendental Meditation, you will work closely with an instructor. This instructor not only will walk you through the process of entering into this type of meditation, but he or she will also provide you with a unique mantra to use during the process.

Remember that a mantra is a word or a few syllables of a word that you will say over and over again. In this type of meditation, your instructor will give you a specific mantra to say that is chosen specifically for you. This type of selection is based on your body’s needs and your nervous system specifically.

Once you have been given this type of meditation mantra, you can then begin the process of meditation. You must promise not to tell anyone what your mantra is as that’s part of the process.

From this point, you will sit down quietly and clear your mind of anything that is going through it. Then, you’ll close your eyes gently and relax your muscles throughout your body, much like that of a simple meditation. From here, you’ll begin repeating your mantra over and over again. The goal is to completely focus on those words.

When you do this, over and over again, you’ll want to dispel any other thoughts that come into your mind. Clearing your mind and bring it back to the mantra is going to allow you to find benefits in meditation.

You should practice this type of meditation at least two times per day, every day.

In this type of meditation, your goal is to find an “oneness” with the universe. By repeating this one word or idea over and over again, you enter into a state of consciousness that is elevated. You are creating a one between you and the universe.

During the process, you’ll use your passive attitude to easily dispel any distractions that come into your mind. Remember, when your mind wanders, a simple, “oh well” will allow you to come back to your mantra and therefore refocus your meditation exercises.

There are many benefits to Transcendental Meditation. If you will be practicing this type of meditation for any purpose, you should still clear your mind of all of those thoughts prior to getting started otherwise it may not actually work well for you.

You should also remember our information about Transcendental Meditation in how it relates to your health. This type of mediation is the most profound type of meditation in the way of relaxation and health and mental benefits.

OSHO: Meditation for Contemporary People Video

Mindfulness Meditation

There is another type of meditation that should be mentioned because of its many benefits on your lifestyle as well as just how unique it is.

In the other meditations that we’ve selected to tell you about, your goal will be to use a mantra or a breathing focus to help you enter into a state of meditation. But, that’s not necessarily the only method to do so. In Mindfulness Meditation, which is also known as Vipassana, you don’t focus on something around you but rather on inside meditation.

In Mindfulness Meditation, you are not paying attention to the physical aspects of what is happening around you. Instead, you are focusing on what is happening in the present moment, not the future or the past. You will learn how to focus on what is happening right now, at this very second.

You’ll find that the Mindfulness Meditation is one that can help to turn the brain down to low. If you are one that has constant thoughts racing through your head and often finds that there’s just too much noise happening in your brain at any time, then this type of meditation may be one of the best types for you.

In Mindfulness Meditation, you will not focus on any one thing. You are not even going to look at this factor yet. Instead, you are going to concentrate on the quality of your awareness.

You will be what is called a “silent witness” which simply means that you need to be aware of what is happening around you at that very moment silently. You are witnessing what’s happening around you.

Don’t mistake this type of meditation for a mediation that allows you to be passive in what happens in your daily life. Rather, Mindfulness Meditation helps you to stop and make decisions based on reality rather than making impulse decisions.

Mindfulness Meditation

So, how do you do Mindfulness Meditation? You may have heard of it before, actually. There are two ways to do it. One is informal. The other is formal and a good example of this is through Yoga.

Yoga works as a method of meditation because of the concentration that is paid to the here and now. You are mindful of the movements and positions of your body. Each movement is done slowly and carefully as planned. You are fully aware of each move you are making and thus you are mindful. When you practice in this manner, you are mindfully aware of your feelings, your physical movements and what’s happening in your mind.

You are taught through this type of meditation to allow breathing to enter into your body and then to leave your body taking with it your stress, your anxiety and other elements. Through methods like yoga, you can focus your attention on removing these toxins from your body and live a more mindful lifestyle.

The other type of Mindfulness Meditation is that of informal means. In the informal meditation, you take in the world around you through just each thing that you do. Each thing that you do or encounter is fully experienced in a very unique way.

For example, if you are hungry and grab an apple for a snack, you bite it, chew and swallow while probably watching television or even sitting on the web. But, when you use Mindfulness Meditation when you are consuming that apple, things change considerably.

Now, you are not just taking a bite. You are observing the apple in all ways. What does it feel like in your hand? What does the apple smell like? Take in its color and its weight. As you take a bite, hear the crunch of the apple’s skin, the texture of the apple’s inside and the way that the juices come out of the apple as you chew.

As you can see, with Mindfulness Meditation, you are fully aware of everything to do with the task at hand. It doesn’t just have to do with your foods, either. The same goes for everything that you are doing.

Your hand on the mouse of your computer, the putting on of your shoes, and the movement of your pen on the paper are all activities that you can use Mindfulness Meditation on.

Why do this type of meditation in an informal way? When you do this type of activity, over and over again, you gain benefits of meditation at a basic level over and over again throughout your day. That means that you’ll enter into a relaxed state often, probably dozens of times each day.

Even More Meditation Techniques

Here are a few more examples of meditation methods that you can learn and practice for benefits.

Journey Meditation

In this type of meditation, you will take yourself to a new location through meditation. You gain meditation by taking yourself to a different location where peace is the focus of the trip.

To do this type of meditation, sit up in a proper posture yet comfortably. Keep some paper and pen near you so that you can write down anything that you worry about during this type of meditation. Breathe in slowly and deeply for about five counts to cleanse your mind and thoughts.

Then, find your peaceful place. It’s generally a location that helps you to feel relaxed and at peace. Keep distractions out of your mind and enjoy the peace that’s offered to you.

Sound Meditation

In this type of meditation, also known as vibrating meditation, you’ll use the sound of your mantra to move you. Stand up while doing this type of meditation and allow deep breathing to cleanse your thoughts. Then, pick a word that sounds good and showcases peace for you. Repeat it over and over again, in a chant like method. Relax your muscles and enjoy what this method has to offer to you.

Even thought we’ve covered many of the best types of meditation, especially for the beginner, there are plenty more. Make it your experience to learn more of them.


As you can see, meditation is a very complex process that really can be brought down into a few simple things. By finding an element to concentrate on and then clearing your mind of all that is happening around you, you can enter into a state of meditation.

Why do it? Why should you ?

Although it can be difficult for anyone to really understand the benefits of meditation without first giving it a try, the fact is that meditation can take you to a new level of consciousness.

Not only will it help to improve your stress levels, often helping you to reduce them to healthy levels, but it helps you to feel good, too. You will feel more collected and organized in your thoughts. When this alone happens, you’ll be able to make better decisions, work harder without working too much and you’ll accomplish more each and every day.

Meditation has many health benefits, and has been helpful in improving the quality of life for many. But, don’t take our word for it. You know have the ability to learn how to take your own life to a new level through meditation.

Enlightenment truly can happen through this process of experiencing meditation. Most individuals can master the techniques quickly and will improve their life easily and steadily.

Meditation is something to experience with your full heart, while you empty out your over-busy mind.


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