Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit
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Egg Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit

Eggsperience The 4-Egg Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit from Three Minute Egg

What is an Yoga Egg? Three Minute Egg is your One-Stop Yoga Prop. This new concept in yoga accessories combines the benefits of a yoga block, yoga bolster, yoga belt and yoga blanket, into one incredibly beautiful, versatile and easily transportable yoga tool.
Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit forward bend

Yoga students, yoga teachers, yoga studios and people who prefer to practice yoga at home with their yoga DVDs all love Three Minute Egg yoga props.

He has practiced yoga for a lifetime and even used the yoga poses to relieve his back pain. This DVD is meant for teachers, students and other individuals who prefer to do the yoga moves at the comfort of their own home.

This DVD can be used by people on different levels of flexibility and fitness since every move has added dimensions that help the person doing the moves to move their body in different directions. With the help of the blocks, each and every pose is achievable.

One gets several advantages from the Yoga Block Kit with DVD from Three Minute Egg.

Yoga Block Instructional DVD Practice with Yoga Eggs – Made in USA by Three Minute Egg
  • 2 Complete Yoga Practices may be done separately or together
  • Learn proper alignment for yoga and use Three Minute Egg in a practice

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First and foremost, the eggs are very important in helping you maintain different yoga moves. The DVD is also very beneficial for beginners. This is because the eggs can be used to perform even the most difficult poses that require one to have a great level of flexibility.

The other advantage of the eggs is the fact that you get to do the exercises at the comfort of your home. This is especially important for people who have not time to go to a fitness centre for yoga. The eggs also benefit people who like working out as a group.

This is because it is in DVD format. This enables the group to go together in unison as they copy the different types of moves. This DVD also helps people maintain a great fitness level if continuously used.

Last but not least Yoga Block are beneficial for people who wish to practice yoga but have back pains and wrist pains. This is because it offers full support for these parts of the body.

  • Comfortable, Supportive, Ergonomic, Made in USA
  • Great for any type of yoga or Pilates practice
  • Build Strength; improve balance and alignment; Smooth transitions in yoga
  • Medium Density foam is long-lasting, lightweight and easy to clean (Water and a little bit of soap)
  • Portable, fun and easy to use.

Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit Video

Yoga Starter Kit 12 in 1 – Yoga Set Include Yoga Mat and Blocks Ser for Women & Men, Yoga Kit and Sets for Beginners, Foam Roller, 4 Resistance Bands with Strap, 2 Peanut Massage Balls Set
  • 【12Pcs Yoga Mat Set For Beginners】 Our yoga set equipment for workout, stretch, and relaxation. Yoga kit ensures you have everything you need to build a solid foundation or take yoga to the next level, perfect for beginners and advanced yogis. Yoga starter kit also can also be used in the gym for general sports and workouts from pilates and stretching to balance.
  • 【DURABLE NON-SLIP YOGA MAT】 The upgraded yoga mat for home workout is made of premium TPE material, more durable, tear-resistance and deformation than regular yoga mats. Double-sided non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip to prevent injuries. The 0.24” thick premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.
  • 【YOGA BLOCK】 High-density EVA yoga blocks are lightweight and supportable, with nonslip surfaces and beveled edges for easy gripping. Yoga blocks, yoga strap and resistance band can support and deepen your stretches while also working to increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility and alignment, helping you assist with hard-to-reach poses.
  • 【HIGH-DENSITY FOAM ROLLER】 Foam roller rolling creates pressure to release trigger points and loosen knots in muscles and improve overall flexibility, especially in commonly tight areas such as the back, calves, IT band, hamstrings, lats, and glutes. It is ideal for use in physical therapy, before and after exercise, yoga and massage therapy.
  • 【FABRIC WORKOUT LOOP BANDS】 With 3 hip bands of different resistances, the resistance ranges from light to heavy, which ensures that it is challenging and suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals. you can use it to strengthen your core, tone legs, tighten up your booty, improve flexibility, and stimulate glute muscles.

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The Eggsperience 4-Egg Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit with DVD from Three Minute Egg does not have many disadvantages.

One disadvantage that a lot of people who have used the DVD agree it has is the fact that the eggs do not come in different sizes. This is a great disadvantage because it makes it difficult to new poses since it might not offer the best support for someone who has not tried the pose before.

However, the pros of this product far outweigh the cons.

The Yoga Block Kit with DVD from Three Minute Egg is an amazing product that has enabled many people to overcome back pain and maintain a high level of fitness and flexibility. It is therefore good for improving yoga performance and maintaining a body.

The Eggsperience 4-Egg Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit with DVD from Three Minute Egg is a product that was created by a person who used the same techniques for his back pain as well as for yoga moves. It is therefore, something that has been proven to work. It has so many advantages that everyone can benefit from.

A lot of customers who have used this product have loved the experience and joy of using the product and highly recommended.

You should get your Ergonomic Yoga Block Kit now if you want to change up your yoga experience and reach a whole new level of fitness.

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