Enhance Your Yoga Sessions With Kundalini Yoga

Enhance Your Yoga Sessions With Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga in general is safe. With its deliberate and gentle movements, injuries do not happen all that often.

With anything you simply cannot predict when an accident will happen. No matter how careful you are, there is still a possibility that you can be injured.

In order to reduce your chance of you getting hurt during a Kundalini yoga session, below are a few reminders that will keep you safe and enhance your experience:

Do Not Eat 2-3 Hours Before a Session

Just like with any form of physical activity, it is not advisable to have a full stomach before a session. Especially for Kundalini yoga, you should expect a lot of body locks or bandhas, pranayamas or breathing exercises, and asanas or poses.

Plus it is just plain uncomfortable if you cannot move well because your stomach is too full. The discomfort you’d feel would probably lead you to be distracted from what you are doing.

Kundalini yoga all is about awareness, so you’re defeating the purpose of the whole point if you eat right before you start your yoga session.

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul.In Kundalini Yoga we harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul. This technology precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, and eye-focus.


Drink Plenty of Water

Kundalini yoga is designed to flush out toxins and other harmful things from your body. So, it is a good to drink plenty of water to replenish the nutrients and hydration you have lost during your session and make sure you get enough before and during.

Do Not Overdo It

As a physical activity, there are Kundalini yoga poses that are easy to do and there are more advanced ones. As with every other exercise option, it is smart not to overdo yourself. Make sure you stay on the comfortable side of the exercise so that you’re not straining anything while you’re performing the poses.  There should be a balance in your routine in order for it to take effect in the long-term.

Don’t Compete With Others 

Your journey through Kundalini yoga is a personal one. It is about your self-awareness and yours alone. As such, go at your own pace.

Just because someone seems to be getting the poses better does not mean that you are failing. Enjoy and relish the transformation.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga Isn’t All About the Comfort

Kundalini yoga is an exercise of both the and the body. It aims to foster self-awareness and personal discovery through breathing, meditation, and poses. With that being said, there should be a little deliberation when it comes to deciding the clothes you would wear during a session. After all, this activity is more than just a form of exercise, it is also a spiritual journey.

According to Yogi Bhajan, one of the original Kundalini yogi, colors affected a person’s perception of themselves or their general psyche. He suggests that during a session of yoga wearing a white outfit has a huge impact on its effectiveness.

Bhajan notes that white is the combination of all colors. It is a prism that reflects what is within. Moreover, wearing white helps with the practice of mindfulness. After all, exercise and keeping clothing crisp and white isn’t easy and takes effort.  So you’ll have to be more aware of your environment in relation to yourself.

Unsure about the outfits you could wear during a Kundalini session? Below are a few pegs you can take into consideration:

Tunics or Peasant Tops

While yoga is not a rigorous exercise, it is still a good to wear comfortable clothes – something that you can easily move around in.

Tunics or peasant tops allow movement. They don’t cling to the body – so there isn’t a for tugging and fixing your clothes the entire time.


At the heart of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings is the notion of covering the head in order to harness the flow of energy in. According to the renowned yogi, a turban can clear the mind and redirect focus to the deliberate yoga poses and breathing.

Flowy Pants or Harem Style Pants

Similar to the purpose of peasant tops and tunics, using flow or harem pants with a little bit of giving makes a more comfortable Kundalini yoga experience.

Kundalini yoga is a way to connect with your inner self and it raises your self-awareness by creating inner peace.  You’ll learn how to develop your physical, mental, and spiritual self.  More than that though this style of yoga will help you be more creative and productive.

If you’re looking for a yoga style Kundalini yoga might be the perfect fit.

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