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Fix Your Insomnia With Meditation and Essential Oils

There are many ways can help you, and one way is by helping you Fix Your Insomnia to get better sleep at night. If you are a regular sufferer from insomnia, it is a good idea to find more natural ways of dealing with the lack of sleep instead of relying on sleeping medications.

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Why Works so Well

The reason that you should consider starting the of meditation for your insomnia is that it helps to relax your mind. It is all too common to have trouble sleeping not because you aren’t tired, but you can’t get your mind to stop going.

You are thinking about everything you did or said that day, stressing and having anxiety over your big to-do list, trying to plan out tomorrow, and worrying about a dozen other things.

When you lay your head down, it should be the time to shut off your mind and get rest, instead of letting your mind wander for hours. This is why you should try meditating if you are suffering from insomnia.

Fix Your Insomnia With Meditation and Essential Oils Video

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Essential Oils and Meditation

You can also incorporate certain essential oils in your meditation when you have trouble sleeping. You want to use essential oils that will help with insomnia. By using them combined with the relaxing of clearing your mind through meditation, you will be amazed by how much better you sleep.

Some essential oils that are best for meditation and helping with insomnia are:

• Bergamot
• Clary sage
• Roman chamomile
• Lavender
• Ylang ylang
• Chamomile
• Sandalwood
• Basil
• Marjoram

When you begin getting into the practice of meditation, you will find that there are different ways to relax your senses. Aside from silence, another sense you can use is your sense of smell. This is when the power of essential oils come into play.

Here are some ways to use essential oils when you meditate.

essential oils

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Ways to Use Essential Oils For Meditation

First of all, you want to know exactly how you are able to use your essential oils for meditation. There are actually a couple of different methods you can use. The first is by creating a mist with your chosen essential oils.

You will add a few drops of the scents you have chosen to a spray bottle with a bottle, then spray it in the air. This allows you to absorb the scents and better concentrate. You can also place a drop of the oil on your forehead where the third eye is located in order to anoint yourself.

Another way is to put the oils into a diffuser, which releases the scent into the room.

Some of the Best Oils to Use

Now that you understand how to use them, we can get into the best essential oils for meditation. These oils are good because the scent helps with focus, , concentration, and stress relief.

Try using just one at a time or mix them together to create your own relaxing blends. Here is a good list of some essential oils to consider using for meditation:

Cedarwood – This will really help you to think about nothing and focus more clearly during meditation.
Frankincense – Frankincense is often used for meditation because it can help you connect with your spirit. It also increases your faith.
Sandalwood – Use sandalwood during meditation if you are looking to heal emotional or spiritual wounds.
Rose – Rose is an essential oil for love, even with self-love and learning to have a deeper connection with yourself.
Neroli – Neroli is a strong fragrance that allows you to accept yourself and face your fears.

Creating Essential Oil Blends

While you can use these oils individually, it can be more effective if you learn how to create blends. Choose the different issues you are having or what you want to improve, then look for oils that will help with those issues.

For example, if you want to relax and de-stress, both lavender and chamomile are great for that. Also, make sure you are adding a carrier oil if the oil will be applied directly to your skin.

Some common carrier oils include grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

calming meditation

Find Something Calming to Focus On

Meditation might sound easy enough, but it can be challenging in the beginning. You might need to try different methods, such as practicing mindfulness, listening to a guided meditation, or trying meditation in different environments like in the shower or while going for a walk.

A good recommendation is to find something you can focus on, whether with your eyes opened or closed. If you are the beach, stand in the sand and focus on the feeling of the sand between your toes. In this environment, a visual focus can be the waves crashing in front of you, along with the sound of them.

You are starting to use all of your senses to focus on your environment, which helps to bring you out of your anxious mind frame and into a mind-calming meditation.

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