Definition of Spiritual

Lets Try To Understand the Definition of Spiritual

Definition: Spirituality
1. “the experience or expression of the sacred” (Adapted from Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 1967).

2. “…the search for transcendent meaning” – can be expressed in religious practice or …expressed ”exclusively in their relationship to nature, music, the arts, a set of , or relationships with friends and family” (Astrow et al. 2001).

3. “individual search for meaning” Bown and Williams 1993).

4. “the search for meaning in life events and a for connectedness to the universe” (Coles 1990

Definition of Spiritual
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Spiritual says that even if you think you’re limited and small, it simply isn’t so. You’re greater and more powerful than you have ever imagined. A great and divine light exists inside of you. This same light is also in everyone you know and in everyone you will ever know in the future.

Religion, as a general rule defines groups of believers who invariably believe they are the chosen ones.

One of the best ways to understand what spiritual means is to understand that it can’t be physically defined. It’s simply something that you know in your innermost self. You can’t see it or touch it, but you can feel it with your emotions. You can feel it in the deep satisfaction and peace that it brings once you do experience it.

The meaning is vastly different for each person and can’t be pigeonholed into a a few words. What is spiritual for one person might not be spiritual for another. The spiritual itself means having to do with the spirit.

Spiritual links can be made through the gathering of a group and sharing an emotional connection. Spirituality can be found through music – what leads your soul to find peace and refreshing calmness. Your consciousness can lead you to discern the level of spiritual searching that you have within. For some people, this is a larger part of their life than it is for others.

The definition of spiritual to one individual might mean feeding one homeless person while to another, it might mean making the world a better place through acts of involvement in global efforts like raising funds for third world countries.

It might involve going on humanitarian trips to third world countries. Those are large outer manifestations of having an awareness of the spirit within. Other people might not have a larger showing of spiritual self, but simply feel at rest deep within – as if there’s none of the pressure of feeling caught in a rat race to them.

To have a spiritual mindset means that you embrace something other than yourself in this universe. You trust in something other than yourself to feed your spiritual needs. We are all spiritual beings regardless of religious beliefs (or non-beliefs).

We seek ways to restore and renew ourselves and we seek ways to get relief from the questions in life that seemingly have no answers.

Spirituality with Ocean Waves – Native Flute and Sounds of the Ocean

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While should play no role in the distinction between spirituality and religion, there are those who may see one as preferable to the other. The general consensus regards spirituality as the broader term, encompassing religion for some, but able to stand-alone for others without attachment to a particular religious group.

Religions usually act with a and intention of presenting specific teachings and doctrines while nurturing and propagating a particular way of life.

We can get a concept – an outer picture of who we think we are. What others think of us only adds to that concept. Yet deep down at the point where our true self resides, we long to be better people than we are – we long for happiness, rest and to be at peace with one another and ourselves.

Being at peace with yourself is one of the greatest things you can ever do for your spirit. Whether you find that peace and inner joy through reconnecting with your spirit on a retreat or through religious beliefs or meditation, your life will grow to become more enriched than ever.

The definition of Spiritual says loving and respecting all religions and images of doesn’t mean that you have to agree with all their doctrines.

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