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Meditation Basics For Beginners

Meditation provides many excellent benefits for both your physical and mental , but it has a learning curve you need to be aware of. It is not something you are going to get a hang of instantly.

In fact, your meditation journey gets deeper and deeper with more . The end result is not that you get a ‘certificate of accomplishment’, but instead, a better insight on who you really are.

Here are some tips for beginners on getting started with .

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You Might Start With Guided Meditation Program

When you are a beginner that is brand new to meditation, it can be hard to sit in silence and try to meditate on your own. It is good to start with some guided meditation. This is where you listen to audio of someone that is guiding you through meditation.

They will talk to you in a low, soothing voice, give you instructions on how to relax your body and clear your mind, and create different images for you to focus on so you can get out of your current state of mind.

Consider Using a Timer

Another issue with people who just start is not knowing how long you have been doing it or when you should stop. While there is no time limit, not knowing the time or how long it has been can cause you to constantly check the clock.

Every time you open your eyes and shift your focus to look at the time, you are getting out of the meditative state. In order to avoid this, set a timer on your watch or cell phone. That way, you focus only on meditating and know you don’t stop until that timer goes off.

You can start it for just a few minutes in the beginning, then gradually increase it over time. Never feel rushed to meditate.

Practice Your Breathing – Breath Consciously

Breathing exercises are frequently used with meditation. When you breathe in and out, you are only focusing on the oxygen and your breaths, so you aren’t thinking as much about other .

Breathing also helps you to reduce your stress, relieve anxiety, and help to relax your body. Keep breathing in and out during the entire time you are meditating. It is especially important in the beginning of getting into the practice of meditating.

Set Up a Good Meditating Environment

The environment you choose for meditation is one of the most important to remember. You need to have a quiet space where you are alone and won’t have distractions. The television should be off and your cell phone turned off completely, not just on vibrate.

It is better to do if you are home alone, because nobody is going to cause noise in the other room. If you can’t be home alone, figure out a place where others won’t bother you, whether that means going down to the room in the basement or standing in a shower to meditate.

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Different Styles of Meditation

Meditating allows you to get into a place of complete calm and quiet where you are thinking about -‘no-thing’ instead of what your mind tells you to think.

Many people think about sitting in one spot in an crossed legged-style position, but this is just one type of meditation. There are actually many methods, and positions you can use.

Mantra/Chanting Meditation

When you are using a mantra in order to meditate, which is a very common method to use, you are doing primordial sound meditation. The mantra is typically a short word or phrase that you say out loud and are focusing on, in order to clear your mind.

The more you repeat your mantra, the more relaxed you get and the more you can clear your mind. For some people, sitting in complete silence causes their mind to wander. If you repeat your mantra, it can also help you to get to deeper levels of awareness, which is also used in other types of meditation.

After you have practiced saying your mantra out loud for a period of time, you will learn to focus on it mentally, silently.

Mindfulness Meditation

The next type of meditation you can try is where you incorporate the practice of mindfulness. This is when you are only focused on the present, and you try to have more awareness of where you are, right now. You observe and accept the current situation, instead of dwelling on the past, or stressing about the future.

With mindfulness meditation, you are able to focus just on the present circumstances in order to be more self-aware and avoid judgment on yourself. It is an excellent way to help with stress and anxiety.

Meditation For Beginners Video

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Classic Sitting Meditation

If you have ever seen someone just sitting with their legs crossed and their eyes closed, they are probably doing classic meditation. This is a type of seated meditation, similar to what you see the Buddha doing. You sit quietly and focus on your surroundings instead of your thoughts. Or you focus on a specific thought and keep coming back to it if your mind wanders.

You simply get into your mind to clear it out, focusing on your breathing, and not saying a word. It is a silent meditation where you gradually get deeper and deeper into your subconscious to clear it out and try to become at peace with yourself.

This is one of the most difficult types of meditation to master, because you are relying solely on your ability to be quiet and focus.

It definitely takes practice, so don’t give up if you find it difficult the first few times.

As long as you have chosen the time and location properly to not have a lot of distractions, you can get the hang of it. Meditation isn’t just a hobby, or a quick fix for stress, meditation will change your entire perspective of life for the better.

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  1. Some time to making things easier we distort the main concept about it. In my view the cross leg sitting posture in comfortable way with a straight back bone and chin position parallel to earth level is the best position to meditate. In starting it is very hard. There is a saying among yogies that if you got the proper ‘AASAN'(sitting posture you won the half battle.
    A tuberculosis patient also take breathe while he felt pain in every breaths. So there should not be make the things easy to achieve best goal.
    Other poster later or sooner caused sleepy. This is my personal view and experience.

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