meditation assistence

Meditation Helpers

Accessories for Assistance in Meditation

Meditation can also help us become more aware of how to make choices that lead to outcomes that are more supportive of well being and happiness, and meditation accessories can help us achieve that result.
When you are meditating, there are a of items you might want to add that
will make you more comfortable while sitting for long periods. There are also
many items that will add to the mediation environment and help you get more
out of your sessions.

meditation assistence
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Meditation Cushions and mats
You need a mat to sit on so that you can focus on your meditation and not on the
hard floor. A meditation bench will help you kneel while keeping your back
straight and keeping the pressure off your legs.

There are many different types of cushions used for meditation including a zafu. This is a hard-packed cushion filled
with kapok or buckwheat and will stay firm when you sit on it. You can fold your
legs in front of your cushion without putting pressure on your legs.

Water Fountains
Water fountains will add a nice, contemplation sound to your meditation space
and also some humidity to the air that will help when you do your .

The best lighting for meditating is dim light. It helps to mute your
and also gives you enough light if you need to move around. It gives your eyes a
moment to adjust to the outside light if you are meditating during the day.

There is salt lighting that “charges” the air.

Candles are a natural dim light that flickers and add their own feelings; they can
have special aromatherapy scents to perfume the air to help you relax and focus.

You can choose what your meditation objective is and which candle scent to light.
Also, the dim lighting will help unfocus the and help you focus in on
your meditating.

Incense and Essential Oils
Incense comes in stick and cone forms, as well as loose natural forms of resin or
herbs. Any of them also require a holder to burn them in and possibly some
charcoal rounds.

You need to set the burners on a heatproof mat so you don’t damage your table. You also need some matches or a lighter. You can use these
for the candles as well.

Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditation

Music Meditation
There is a wonderful selection of meditation music for sale and for free online.
Many are mini-courses on and guided meditations to vary
your sessions. Search for “meditation scripts” for guided meditation and music to

If you like, a singing bell, which is a kind of bowl that you run a wooden mallet
around and produces a clear, reverberating ringing, or even a brass bell that gives
a clear sound is good when you are doing certain meditations to focus your
thoughts with.

A prayer shawl or Meditation shawl
When you are meditating, your body temperature lowers and you can get a chill.
If you wear a shawl, you can adjust your temperature with the least motion and
avoid interrupting your state of mind. Your meditation can last longer because of

There are so many more things, but first, remember your meditation goals. Then
add one thing at a time to enhance, not clutter, your meditation sessions.

The cushions or benches are a great purchase because they protect your body from
the hard floor, from injury, and make the meditation more comfortable.

Add Meditate accessories to create the right type of meditation can help solve some creative .

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