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The Power Of Meditation Music

Deep Meditation Music To Soothe The Mind Listening to meditation music mindfully, can be a powerful way of increasing your quality of life. Meditation and music cannot be separated. We cannot meditate twenty-four hours a day, but we can meditate, for a few hours a day. At other times we can play music, or listen to music. Many forms […]

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Transcendental Meditation

Are You Interested In Transcendental Meditation

Getting in Touch with Oneself With Transcendental Meditation Each human being is a masterpiece, a source of limitless energy and potential. Within each person, there is a vast well of power, knowledge, and life. Each is created with a mind and a soul that instinctively rises above to meet the infinite boundaries of being. The quest […]

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Spiritual Growth

Can You Make A Spiritual Growth Assessment?

A Guide to Personal Spiritual Growth If you’re looking for change in your life, a way to add peace and blessing, there are a few steps you can take to obtain spiritual growth. To grow spiritually does not mean by the spirit (or inner self) alone. It’s the concentration of the entire being. It’s both […]

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Why Try Meditation?

The Benefits of Meditation Meditation isn’t just some new age ‘woo woo’ thing to do. Meditation is exercise for your brain, your physical health and your consciousness. At first, when you first hear the word ‘meditation’ a picture of a monk appears in your mind. While monks are certainly big practitioners of this art, meditation is more popular today than […]

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Definition of Spiritual

What Is The Meaning Of Spiritual?

Lets Try To Understand the Definition of Spiritual Definition: Spirituality 1. “the experience or expression of the sacred” (Adapted from Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 1967). 2. “…the search for transcendent meaning” – can be expressed in religious practice or …expressed ”exclusively in their relationship to nature, music, the arts, a set of […]

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Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation For The Soul

How Does Spiritual Meditation Enrich Your Life? Spiritual Meditation is a way for people to explore their own spirituality. At a time when many people are disillusioned with established religion, spiritual meditation offers us a method to enter our own inner world, and experience spirituality directly. A wise man once said, “The Kingdom of Heaven Lies Within […]

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Yoga for Beginners

Information For Those New To Yoga

Types Of Yoga for Beginners “Yoga does not make your life better, yoga makes you better at your life.” Yoga does not discriminate; to varying degrees, all people can practise, regardless of their relative strength, age or ability. Since ancient times, Yoga has been practiced for its many physical and mental benefits. The advantages of […]

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Pranayama Yoga

How Do I Do Pranayama Yoga?

What Is Pranayama Yoga? You’ll often see the words Pranayama Yoga written together and this gives people the idea that it’s a type of yoga but it’s really a technique rather than a style and is part of yoga rather than a type of yoga itself. It actually means to take control of one’s breathing […]

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Bikram Hot Yoga

What Do You Know About Bikram Hot Yoga

What Is Bikram Hot Yoga? Hot yoga will help to restore your body and can even help you lose weight. If you suffer from Asthma, Allergies, or Respiratory Problems, Hot Yoga can be good for your breathing problems in many ways. Bikram Hot Yoga is yoga postures performed while in a room where the temperatures are higher than normal. […]

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yoga postures Yoga Asanas.

Yoga Postures – Asanas And Their Names

There are a lot of yoga postures and poses known in Sanskrit as ‘asanas’. Asana is classically defined as ‘posture or pose;’ its literal meaning is ‘seat.’  Originally, there was only one asana– a stable and comfortable pose for prolonged seated meditation. More than just stretching and toning the physical body, different yoga poses open the nadis – […]

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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Can Benefit You Today

Is Ashtanga Yoga The Right Practice For You? Ashtanga Yoga is the type of yoga which was developed and founded by K. Pattabhi Jois. This type of yoga is known as the Eight Limb Yoga which has revolved in Pattanjali’s enormous idea. It presented that the path of purification is made up of the eight […]

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yoga tools

Yoga Checklist: Tools that Will Help with your Yoga Practice

A Checklist Of Props to help with your Yoga Practice The most important thing is safety first. And if only every pose were as easy as Mountain, pictured above, you would not need props. But as you learn more, you will find some poses challenging. There are a number of yoga props that can help you […]

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yoga for beginners

Book Review Yoga for Beginners: Simple Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind and Strengthen Your Body

Yoga for Beginners: Simple Yoga Poses by Cory Martin Introduction Author and fitness expert Cory Martin earned her BA in English, Creative Writing from the University of Southern California, USA. Her love of books, and writing, led her to additionally study literature at Cambridge University in England. She turned her passion for writing into a […]

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walking meditation

Secrets To A Successful Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation is a Way to a Healthier LifeStyle When doing a walking meditation, we use the experience of walking as our mind-focus. We become mindful of our walking experience while trying to keep our awareness involved with each and every step. Meditation is an art. A method. A skill. A process. It is the art […]

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aura, chakras, color

Where Are The Chakras In The Human Body

About The Chakras In The Human Body Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’ or’ circle’, but in classical scriptural literature they are triangles. The human body includes seven important chakras and also many minor chakras. These main 7 chakras start from the bottom of the backbone and finish on the top of the head. Basically, […]

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Christian Meditation rosary, prayer, pray

Christian Meditation Has A Different Approach To Meditating

Knowing About God’s Word and Obeying It – Christian Meditation Christian Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. When we take a look at the various explanations of meditation, another thing we often see is that meditation is defined as taking a moment to sit quietly or to ponder. When you hear people say meditation, […]

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aura, chakra meditation

Understanding Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation: A Guide to This Classical Meditation Method Chakra Meditation will increase concentration, focus and memory, and if performed regularly, will lower your blood pressure. Your health is one of the most important things that you have to take care of. Because of this, a lot of people are doing everything they can just to get […]

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Yoga meditating

There’s Never Been A More Important Time To Begin Meditating

Some Of The Top Reasons to Start Meditating All authentic forms of meditation will yield a certain set of common benefits, common results such as greater focus of mind, stress reduction, increase of will-power, etc. That being said, some types of meditation will give better results to people than others. Does your mind chatter or talk almost nonstop […]

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Transcendental Meditation Tips

What Is Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation Works!  Transcendental Meditation does not mean sitting in a perfect state of peace while having no thoughts.  Some of the benefits of meditation will begin to unfold immediately — such as a reduction in stress, which you will notice simply by closing your eyes and focusing within. This method of meditation refers to an […]

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Meditation – What is it?

This Meditation Information Could Change Your Life

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Meditation Meditation does not require any specific beliefs or any metaphysical or spiritual ideas. Meditation does take some practice, and for some people it can seem a little difficult to grasp in the early stages. As you are aware there are several ways you can meditate. While each method […]

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Only A Few Minutes To Spare – You Can Still Meditate and Relax

How You Can Still Meditate and Relax When You Have No Time It turns out there is scientific proof that meditation helps you to relax and does a body good. What meditation does is expand your awareness and increase your present moment wakefulness. It seems that when life gives you no time to relax is when you […]

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Meditation Center

Making a Home Meditation Center

How You Can Make a Meditation Center in Your Home Having a proper Meditation center can offer a peaceful environment to help dispel anxiety, ill will, and self doubt. Meditation can also help you to manage anger more effectively, and help you develop your self-esteem and self-confidence, something that quickly becomes eroded under stress. You will need […]

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Meditation and scents

Meditation and Using Scents

Favorite Scents to use in Meditation Many people who use relaxation techniques and meditation like to use scent as a way to hasten their transition to a more tranquil and receptive state. Every scent has its own effect on the body and mind as well as bringing up memories of places and people. You can use […]

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meditation assistence

Meditation Helpers

Learning to meditate is like learning any other skill. Think of it like exercising a muscle that you’ve never really worked out before. Here’s how.

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