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Do You Know If Power Yoga is Right for You

Powering it up with Power Yoga

The science of power yoga does not dictate where the body ends and the mind begins, but approaches both as a single, integrated entity. We all know that yoga does a body (and a mind) good.

Are you looking for a yoga routine that will let you feel stronger, more self assured, and more powerful. Then why not try some power yoga? Power yoga is designed to get the energy flowing, get the blood pumping and clear your mind all at the same time. It is no wonder so many people are addicted to the silent strength that comes with a good power yoga routine.

Power Yoga
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When you do power yoga, you are doing a series of vinyasa ‘’ poses that are designed to build heat and give you a strong workout through a simple sequence of yoga postures. Because you are doing these poses without stopping the energy in your body is in constant motion. This constant motion helps to instantly release tension through the entire body, instantly giving you relief from stress, headaches, or any other aches and pains your body is feeling.

But the real ‘power’ in power yoga comes from within. With many yoga practices you get into a pose and then you take some deep breaths allowing your breath to stretch you further into the pose, (which is great because it teaches us to through stressful situations and become more aware of how far we can physically push our bodies). On the other hand, with power yoga the is more on building heat within your body, allowing you to develop strength and flexibility.

Power Yoga Basic Core Video

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Power Yoga – What Do You Know? 

Power yoga can be energizing, cleansing, and fun, but that doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. In fact, if you have never tried yoga before you may want to take some easier classes before adding a power yoga class to your workout routine.

There are two keys to a successful yoga practice, proper form and using the breath. If you don’t know how to align your body into proper form during a fast yoga routine like power yoga you are increasing your chances of injury. In the same sense, if you don’t know how to let your breath guide your movements you are increasing your chances of getting of exhausting your body during the power yoga routine.

If you have been practicing yoga to the point where you are familiar with many of the poses and you can tell when your body is not properly aligned, then it might be a good time for you to try power yoga. Of course, if you have any trouble keeping up with the instructor or if you begin to feel exhausted from the routine you can always rest safely in child’s pose until you feel like you can safely join in the routine again.

Power yoga is all about helping you to push yourself to your edge without going over it. The more you do yoga, the more you will be in tune with your body and what it can handle. Only you know will truly know if and when you are able to try a power yoga routine.

While power yoga can be an amazing experience for the body, mind, and soul the fast pace can make you more susceptible to injury if you do not know how to align yourself properly.

Previous research has suggested that yoga may benefit cancer patients, but those studies have focused mainly on breast cancer. A study also suggests that yoga may men who are undergoing radiation treatment for prostate cancer to alleviate some side effects of their treatment and maintain their quality of life.

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