Review of ShapeShifter Yoga

Yoga is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States alone. Plus did you know that more men are practicing yoga than ever before? It’s true the statistics are showing that the numbers of men are on the rise.

There are many ways to learn yoga and one key benefit to yoga is that you can perform yoga at home. One of the best methods is to simply purchase a Yoga program online. One such product that is selling well is the ShapeShifter Yoga program.
The basis of this course is to teach you how to use the poses in yoga to relieve you of your everyday aches and pains. This will be covered in detail in the first segment of the ShapeShifter manual. You will learn how to put together movements into a 10-minute ShapeShifter Flow routine.

The Yoga Pose Manual is a print version of the videos that can be found in the video library of this course. It is perfect for those who prefer this method of learning.

Also included is the handy Yoga Flow Routine Guide that you can put up in your exercise area. These reference charts will make your sessions easy to follow.

The Yoga Pose Video Library is a huge component of this course. Each video walks you through the correct poses for each movement. The great thing about these videos is that you can view them on your desktop or from your iPhone or other mobile devices.

The ShapeShifter Follow Along Video is just what its name implies. All you do is follow along with the instructor Kris and your yoga routine is done for the In addition, you also get the ShapeShifter Flow Follow Along with Video. This video takes you through the flow workout with great reminders such as concentrating on your breathing and telling you when to move to the next pose.

For anyone who can’t access videos while and doesn’t want a print version then these audio files will come in super handy. These audio files can be downloaded to your iPod and you can listen to them wearing your headphones while working out.

This product comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee as well. The ShapeShifter style of yoga focuses on movement and will allow you to begin moving more easily without experiencing any pain. You will begin to feel more supple and agile and should also notice a huge increase in your energy level.

Yoga has been shown to be a wonderful exercise and many doctors are prescribing yoga classes to their patients.
Are you ready to experience yoga and feel the ? Then why not try out ShapeShifter Yoga and don’t forget their 100% money back, no questions guarantee.

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