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Review of Teeki Designer Active Wear- Awakening Hot Pant

A  Review of Teeki-Designer Active Wear- Awakening Hot Pant

Teeki is a clothing line made from recycled and sustainable materials. It’s passion for providing an Eco-friendly fashion to the world makes this company as one of the leading Eco-conscious, active wear lines today; giving clothing a new face of a trend with their own unique designs.

These are the cutest pants you have ever seen!

One of which is the Teeki – Designer Active Wear – Awakening Hot Pant that gives a long lasting impression of bold and strong sense of an active Teeki-Designer-Active-Wear-Awakening-Hot-Pant rear viewlifestyle.

  • Four-way stretch, moisture wicking, chafe resistant, breathable.
  • Low and Sexy Waistband; Camel Toe Free.
  • TEEKI is an activewear line MADE FROM RECYCLED PLASTIC and sustainable materials all PRODUCED within the U.S. using SOLAR POWERED facilities!
  • Teeki uses P.E.T. or recycled bottles as one of the main materials in its activewear. With each pair of pants you purchase YOU will recycle 18 to 30 bottles! Look fabulous externally while feeling great internally!
  • Teeki’s passion is to provide the world with eco friendly, timeless, forward fashion.

Here is our review:

The Pros of Teeki- Awakening Hot Pant
Great clothing line for your active lifestyle
This product is perfect for your active lifestyle. Be it gym, yoga, sports, dance, and workout, this pant can maintain a comfortable feeling with its breathable and elastic free waistband fabric.
– You will love its overall look
Awakening Hot Pant comes in a low and sexy waistband that has a four-way stretch design for the leg’s movement. No muffin top and no cutting in, this pant can be worn as high rise or just folded over at the waist for a strong sense of low rise style. This product also gives a moisture movement, enabling the fabric to move the sweat produced by your body to the surface of the fabric to keep yourself dry all the time.
-Safe and antibacterial
This product does not only provide comfort, but also gives an antibacterial property that is very beneficial for your skin and health as it helps kill bacteria as well as any odors.
-Buy and help save the environment
The fabric is produced in the United States using solar-powered facilities and constructed using the company’s Eco technology. Thus, it is made from 71% recycled plastic and 21% spandex material, which means purchasing one product helps you save the environment as you recycle a total of 26-30 water bottles all in all.

Teeki - Designer Active Wear - Awakening Hot Pant frontThe Cons of Teeki- Awakening Hot Pant
-The product seems tiny.
Awakening Hot Pant seems tiny if you try it for the very first time, but after another use, you will that the fabric is stretchy and comfortable in your skin.
– The price complements the product
Granted that this fabric provides the best comfort for your active lifestyle and helps save the environment, the price of this fashionable pant hike a little higher compared to other clothing brands. Thus, great quality tights like this fabric is just worth of its price in the local markets.



Teeki Active Wear Women’s Yoga Pants



With the developing sense of high fads and trends in fashion, Teeki- Awakening Hot Pants gives you a chance to meet your demands and needs. With the company’s for happiness and health of the earth and its people, you can be assured that you are using authentic, safe and tested, Eco-friendly materials.

Concluding, this product aims in providing new innovative ways to health, comfort, and fashion to the world. You can be both fashionable and sporty at the same time. With its unique clothing design, you can use this product anytime and everywhere.

You can have this trendy pant as your gift or as your new active wear clothing this year.

Click on the link and be part of saving the planet by buying your own

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