The Benefit of Meditation

Several Tips To Help Your Meditation

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People think that meditation is hard work or that you need to be a full time monk and live in a cave in the Himalayas to be able to do a meditation practice properly.  That’s not accurate.  I’m not saying it’s easy, you can start small and get better and better as you practice.  Don’t expect to be perfect at first — that’s why it’s called  a practice.

Absolutely anyone can learn how to meditate quickly and easily.  You don’t have to go through an elaborate ritual to be able to meditate.  Meditation is a way to get in touch with your inner self.

Here are some tips to make your meditation even easier:

Set A specific time for meditation

It’s easy to say, “I’ll try to meditate every day,” but then we often forget, or find time excuses not to do it.  Set up a reminder, write a note, for a specific  that says meditate.  Place it somewhere where you’ll easily see it.

Choose the right teacher for you

Whether you are learning meditation with an online course or in a , pick a teacher you get on with and one who is teaching the kind of methods you get along with.

Learn to relax your body.

As a typical tensed up westerner, this may be the biggest skill you need to learn.  But once you learn how to relax, you’ll find meditation so much easier.  By the way, don’t stress yourself about learning to relax either!  It’s absolutely fine if you take your time to learn a technique. Everyone has their own speed of learning.

Follow your breath

When you’re settled in, turn your attention to your breathing.  Place you conscious attention on your breath, and follow it through your nose all the way down to your lungs.  Count “one” as you take in the first breath, then “two” as you breathe out.  Repeat this to the count of 10, then start over again.


Meditation techniques for different environments

There are people who have good sense of and concentration. They have the ability to stabilize their mind no matter what kind of environment they are into.

However, there are also people who seem to be always disturbed.  They can hardly concentrate, thus, affecting their judgment and quality of work. Meditation is a good aid for these types of people.  During meditation, mental space is created in order to achieve a certain degree of enlightenment.

The effects of meditation to different people also vary.  These could be affected by factors such as the , character and individuality.  When a person hardly understands himself, his confusion reflects to his actions.  That is why contemplation is necessary in order to achieve an enlightened consciousness.

A quiet space conducive for reflection, a mantra to be recited and absolute concentration are the essentials of meditation.  While sitting meditation is considered the basic and most efficient form of meditation, there are other ways to modify the process.  On the whole, you can only create other forms of meditation when you become habituated with the practice.

When your mind had been set for meditation, it will be easy for you to stay tuned-up.  Plus, you can integrate the spiritual essence and mental awareness with the physical and mental rhythms of life.

As meditation becomes part of your routine, you will always find time to stop and make a connection with the process of meditation.  Naturally, you will seek the that you can experience only when meditating.

So what should you do when the place you are into is not conducive for meditation?

There are ways to establish and concentration.  You can capture your mind to be in the meditation state when you direct your attention to a spot in the room, or listen attentively to your breathing or on a small object.  With the help of a relaxing music and tricky colors, you can employ meditation and extend such practice even beyond the meditation period.

Active people such as athletes need to stay focused in their skill or art while staying grounded.  However, their physical ability could be more enhanced if they are in touch with their higher consciousness.

A well known female boxer revealed that she never fails to meditate and chant.  She constructed her own way of escaping the gym atmosphere in order to find peace within.
She listens to the sound of the speed bag as she hits it one way.  There is a distinct sound for a one-way blow and the sound varies with the difference in the impact of glove.  Then all she had to do is close her eyes and meditate on the sound of the speed bag.

Even a basketball player can employ meditation at the free throw line if he is able to transcend the noise of the crowd and the pressure of the play. In this manner, he can manage stress and anxiety while connecting to his meditation process.

Be creative in modifying your own way of meditation.  Break your patterns and put your imagination to work.

The Benefit of Meditation Video

Respect yourself and others
Treat yourself and others respectfully.  If you find yourself attracting negative people, change the signals you’re sending out (meditating regularly will help with this).

Get rid of distractions
Turn off your cell phone while you are meditating. Close down that chat window. Turn off the television. Our brains are natural thought factories, and we can’t just shut them down or out.  Instead, just try to practice focusing your attention, mindfulness – relax and bring your mind back to your focus of concentration when your mind wanders.

If possible, join a meditation group

Meditation is much more fun in a group and you’ll find that others are finding the same learning curve as you are.  Groups generate their own energy – the sum of the whole truly is greater than the sum of the parts.  Joining a group can widen your circle of friends and can be a booster to your confidence.  Depending on the group’s aim, you may also learn about different meditation techniques as the group progresses.

Let go

The word “meditation” means letting go.  Go with the flow.  Allow what is happening to happen.  Don’t fixate on what your meditation experience should or shouldn’t be.

Really commit yourself to doing meditation daily.

Meditation isn’t always easy, but it offers truly amazing benefits, so start today, and continue for the rest of your life.

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