Yoga for children

Teaching Yoga to Kids

It is not just adults that can benefit from practicing yoga, kids can too. Yoga for kids has shown to be extremely beneficial and can help with reducing their stress levels and improving their self-confidence.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Some of the benefits of yoga for kids are that yoga will help them improve their concentration and help them stay focused especially at school.

Children who yoga regularly have been shown to be sharper and more aware of their . Creativity and imagination become more developed as well.
Healthwise, yoga has helped improve asthma for many children.

They are taught how to breathe more deeply and this has an overall impact on their asthma and dealing with attacks.

By becoming more aware of their kids are able to deal with stress and other difficult situations that they might face.

Many children who suffer from ADHD have been able to focus better in school by taking part in yoga classes. Overall, yoga helps develop a child’s coordination and motor skills along with additional physical skills.

Children who yoga while young have more potential to become better athletes as they get older.

How to Teach Kids Yoga

When trying to teach yoga to kids you must remember to keep it short, simple and fun. This way they will stay focused and enjoy their class.

When starting out children should ideally take a yoga class that lasts between 15 – 25 minutes. The poses within each class should be done for about 1 minute each, with lots of frequent breaks in between.

Kids learn yoga by watching and doing. If you simply give them instructions they will not perform each exercise correctly. You to have an instructor that will get down on the floor and show them exactly what to do.

Yoga Equipment for Kids

One way to make Yoga classes more fun for kids is to get them their own yoga bags and yoga clothes. This will make the entire enjoyable and special. Yoga bags come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose one to match your child’s personality.

The same goes for yoga clothes for kids. Use the same guidelines as you would for buying yoga clothes for yourself. They should be lightweight, easy to wash and very durable.

Again, choose to allow their personality to shine through. This will also help increase their confidence level dramatically.

Overall, yoga for kids is extremely beneficial from both a physical and mental viewpoint. Your child will become more flexible, confident and outgoing.

If they do suffer from a health condition, yoga will teach them how to stay calm and how to handle their condition in everyday situations.

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