The Best Yoga Blocks You Can Buy

The Best Yoga Blocks You Can Buy

There are all kinds of yoga props being used today from simple yoga mats to cushions, straps, sandbags and now yoga blocks. Yoga blocks are great for both beginners and advanced yoga students.

For those new to yoga using a yoga, block is a good way to get your into certain poses. The blocks aid as support or cushion and allow you to hold a new pose for a longer time period.

For advanced students, yoga blocks can be used as a challenge to make a pose more difficult. Yoga blocks also help with your alignment and can help protect you against injuries.

There are two main types of yoga blocks that are popular today and these are ones made from foam and cork. A top-selling yoga block package is the 2 Pack 4 inches x 9 inches x 6 inches Yoga Blocks which can be found on the Amazon website.

These particular yoga blocks are from Nu-Source Incorporated who pride themselves in delivering quality products and providing great customer service.

Highlights of the Nu-Source Yoga Blocks
• Beveled edges for comfort
• Provide support and stability
• Will support your full body weight
• Lightweight and easy to use and move
• Extremely comfortable with a very high density
These blocks are easy to pack into your yoga bag and take to class with you. Or of course, you can just use them to practice at home with.
Customers have been pleased with their purchase of these yoga blocks and comments include like:
• The sensation that you get when you press down hard on these is the feeling of a stress ball when you squeeze. It is very firm, yet extremely supportive.
• If you’ve used blocks in class, then you know the advantage of these blocks.
• I am a big guy, (6’5″, 300 lbs.) and these blocks supported me completely.

For the price, these yoga blocks are a great value for your money and you won’t go wrong by adding this piece of equipment to your exercise room.
If you prefer yoga blocks from cork then take a at the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block.

Cork is a popular choice for yoga blocks as it keeps with the renewal and green theme that is a priority for many who practice yoga. Plus cork products are very stable, strong and long-lasting.

Cork harvesting is a process that has remained almost unchanged in the last 3,000 years so you can see why it is a wonderfully sustainable product!

Main Highlights of the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block
• Cork yoga block is perfect supporting backbends and standing and sitting poses
• Fast-growing, renewable cork construction is stable, long-lasting, and comfortable
• The natural texture provides lots of traction
• Rounded edges create a nice and comfortable surface
• Natural fiber provides no off-gassing; fully sustainable harvesting process
• Measures 9 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches (W x H x D)
• Weighs 1 pound

Customer’s Thoughts on Cork Yoga Blocks

The main selling feature of this block is the that it is made from cork. Read the comments below to see if this is the type of yoga block that you should try next.
• The cork is my favorite material – firm and solid like wood, but without hard edges and not slippery on a wood , like the best attributes of a foam block.
• This is my second Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block.
• They are high quality and the company has a history of making good products and being respectful of the environment and of trying to maintain fair-wage practices, in case this influences your opinions.

The main differences between these two products are one of price and the material used. The cork yoga block is slightly more expensive around $5 more on average and is heavier.

The foam blocks will be easier to carry around with you if you travel or go out to a yoga class. Either one will support your weight and allow you to hold poses better.

Both of these products are available on the Amazon website and don’t forget that if you spend more than $25 you will save with free shipping.

So you might want to pick up a pair of yoga pants or a new mat while shopping there.

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