Tips For Finding A Good Yoga Mat

Tips For Finding A Good Yoga Mat

A good quality yoga mat is a must for anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis. The biggest thing to look for when choosing a new yoga mat is cushioning and comfort.

You don’t want to end up with a yoga mat that sticks to you.

Instead you want a nice think mat that cushions and protects you from the floor.

Qualities of a Yoga Mat
• Moisture repellant
• Easy to clean
• Non-slip surface
• Long enough for you to lie on

One yoga mat that meets the above specifications is the ProSource Premium 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High-Density Exercise Yoga Mat with Comfort Foam. This particular mat also comes with its own carrying case.

Main Features of the ProSource Premium Yoga Mat
• Nice and thick making it a good choice for all types of yoga
• Uses Comfort Foam technology for added impact absorption and comfort
• Made from high-quality materials with a long-lasting life.
• Nonslip surface
• easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant
• Sits 1/2 inch off the floor
• Measures 71 x 24 inches

For anyone who is fussy about this yoga mat is a perfect choice. It comes in several including aqua, black, blue, pink and red. There are lots to choose from so you shouldn’t have a problem in deciding which color to go with.

What Customers Are Saying about the ProSource Yoga Mat

The overwhelming majority of who have left any type of customer review are totally in favor of this yoga mat. It is definitely thick and comfortable and long-lasting.

Below are some actual comments from customers from the Amazon website.

• I actually like the fact that my hips, etc, will never make contact with the floor (I’m 170 lbs, and with all my weight on one knee I would say that I’m still at least 1/8″ off the floor).
• I am able to do everything and without pain in my knees
• I bought this wanting maximum protection for my knees. It delivers that in spades, so I’m very pleased with my purchase.
• This was exactly what I wanted, tons of padding for my boney butt. It will mess with your balance at first, but you get used to it.

Another quality Yoga mat is the Aurorae  and these are also a best-seller at Amazon.
The Aurorae Yoga Mats are ¼ inch thick and 72 inches long.

Each mat depicts the Rising Moon Focal Icon which is a nice added touch.

Main Features of the Aurorae Mat
• ¼ inch thick with Ultra Thick Memory Foam
• Long-lasting material free from Phthalates/Latex and SSG approved
• Great color choices
• Rising Moon Focal Icon gives you a point to concentrate on
• Dimensions: 24 x 4 x 4 and weighs 4 pounds
This yoga mat comes with a set of Yogi Tips including:
• Never place in the dryer, dry outdoors in the sun
• Use a soft brush and non-oil-based soap to clean your mat
• Do not apply the cream to your or feet before using your mat
• If you find that you slip, use an Aurorae Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag to absorb your perspiration.

Customer’s Thoughts on the Aurorae Yoga Mat

This particular yoga mat has received over 700 customer comments on the Amazon website giving this product a 4.5 Star rating out of a possible 5 Stars.

Below is a sampling of just a few of the comments left.
• I have had my Aurorae mat for nearly eight months and still consider it one of the best mats out there
• As a yoga teacher, I’ve tried many different mats ranging in price from $50 to $100 and the Aurorae mat beats them all.
• Specifically, I very much liked that the Aurorae mat’s extra-long length (72″) comes standard
• I have had very little problems with slipping while using this mat–I could actually hear the sounds of my feet sticking as I lifted them on and off the surface!

When choosing between the Aurorae Yoga Mat and the ProSource Mat both are great products which have satisfied many customers.

Some buyers may prefer the color selection from one to the other or the price with the Aurorae mat coming in a little more expensive, but it is still under a $50 mat. Spending that amount of a yoga mat that will last you for years to come is not really out of the reach of too many people.

Take a look at both of them and choose accordingly or maybe purchase one of each so you can compare them. Then use the second mat for your spouse or another family member.

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