What is Kundalini Yoga_

What is Kundalini Yoga?

In the last few decades, yoga, as a form of exercise, has risen in popularity. In urban areas like New York and Los Angeles, there is practically a yoga studio on every block. People who yoga are called Yogi’s and it has created a subculture that people love to be a part of.

The reality is that yoga has ancient origins that dates back over 5,000 years ago. Since it started, yoga has been a geared towards both the enrichment of a person’s physical body and spiritual mind.

With years upon years of history, it is no wonder how the practice of yoga has many styles to pick from. One of the most interesting forms is the Kundalini.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Once you start researching yoga you’ll soon discover that there are quite a few different styles that have developed.  While some focus primarily on the physical side of the activity like Bikram – others like Kriya yoga focus on the mind through meditation.

Kundalani Yoga is particularly interesting because it combines the best of both worlds. Unlike popular yoga studios, Kundalani yoga centers are more like a temple than a gym. That is because Kundalini focuses on activating energy centers in the body. It’s main goal is to raise and expand self-awareness in order to cultivate an inner in yourself.

What is the History of Kundalini Yoga?

Unlike other more established forms of Yoga, Kundalini does not have strict rules that it upholds. For Yogi’s, Kundalini yoga is a means for self-discovery.

In Sanskrit, Kundalini translates to the term “coiled snake.” This type of yoga is grounded on the belief that every individual poses a kind of shared divine energy. This energy is primarily in the base of the spine. In order to be truly in touch with divine powers, postures and stances of Kundalini yoga are geared towards uncoiling the said snake.

Kundalini yoga was introduced in America in the 1960’s when Yogi Bhajan visited California and recognized similarities between the hippie revolution with his Sikh lineage.

Kundalani initially was forbidden to be taught or discussed outside of the Indian community. However, following a meditation trip, Bhajan decided to educate the west with the ways of Kundalini. He subsequently established 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) and the Kundalini Research Institute.

Benefits of Kundalini

The aim of Kundalini yoga is to raise your self-awareness.  It is geared towards wellness of the mind, body and soul through self-discovery. People who this type of yoga swear by many of its benefits.

It is different for each person. However, if you are interested in taking the plunge and going through a Kundalani yoga journey, below are the possible benefits you can achieve through the awareness you’ll experience:

Kundalini Yoga is Good For Your Body

Being still and alone with your thoughts is good for the body. At the core of Kundalini is meditation.  Meditating has been known to help with stress levels and relax your body and mind.

Not only that, but it opens up your blood vessels.  When these open it helps your to drop.

Practicing this type of yoga promotes the health of your immune system and improves circulation to make your nervous system stronger.

As a whole, Kundalini yoga has the ability to make your body and feel younger.

Wanting To Manage Stress, Kundalini Can Help

Stress is a major problem for people and they are stressed for so many reasons.  One reason you can often get stressed from is when there is so much that needs to be accomplished and there doesn’t seem to be enough time to get it all done.

Kundalini yoga clears the mind and can help you determine your priorities.

Kundalini Yoga Help You Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

It seems that life takes us in so many directions and quite often we feel aimlessness. With all the distractions of everyday life, it can be difficult to pinpoint the that are important.

Kundalini yoga makes you become aware of your inner self. With reflection and meditation, it uncovers what you should be focusing on.

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