What Yoga and Pilates Have in Common

What Yoga and Pilates Have in Common

It seems that when mention yoga they also like to talk about Pilates, what is it about these two forms of exercises that meld them together?

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Yoga is a form of that is well known to target the and the body. While Pilate’s targets the entire body.

The whole concept of doing yoga and Pilates together is that they complement each other.

Think about it this way.

Yoga allows your body to stretch and Pilates will allow you to keep the stretch!
Both yoga and Pilates have a long history and they are proven to work. Combining them together will allow you to deal with the stress and difficulties that everyday life can often bring about.

Keep in that Pilates will develop your core strength,

Yoga does this as well but focuses more deeply on deepening your flexibility.
Another large difference between Yoga and Pilates is that yoga can be performed by using a mat. Whereas Pilates is done with the use of many pieces of equipment and this tends to raise the cost of taking

Pilates classes.

If you decide to take up both or just one of these exercise forms, you want to learn from an experienced instructor. Learning the correct techniques and forms is critical in order to derive the best benefits.

It is easy to find classes that incorporate both Yoga and Pilates, but you want to be certain that your instructor is well trained in both these disciplines.

It takes many years to train correctly in Yoga and/or Pilates and not many instructors will be fully versed in both methods. It is worth taking a look at their credentials before signing up for this type of class.

For many the issue is trying to decide which class to take, Yoga or Pilates.

Yoga is often seen as the gentler of the two and attracts people with a softer deposition. Pilates is known as a strength and muscle builder and attracts people who are looking to get lean, mean fit and strong!

Both are excellent work out methods and deliver similar benefits. The choice is up to you. Many people prefer

Yoga as it is normally less expensive, to begin with, and can be easily done at home.

You can join up for weekly classes or you can opt for a weekend session at a getaway yoga retreat. Here you could meet people with the same interests and develop lasting friendships.

So if you feel that you are ready to try something new why not consider taking a Yoga and/or Pilates class in the very near future?

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