Why Try Meditation?

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation isn’t just some new age ‘woo woo’ thing to do. Meditation is exercise for your brain, your physical health and your consciousness.

At first, when you first hear the word ‘meditation’ a picture of a monk appears in your mind. While monks are certainly big practitioners of this art, meditation is more popular today than you might think.

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People from all walks of life use meditation today. Business executives, athletes, stockbrokers and lawyers all incorporate meditation into their lives. Even large corporations such as Google, Target and General Mills advocate the use of meditation to their employees.

Meditation Helps You to Focus. Meditation Decreases Anxiety. Meditation Decreases Your Need For Sleep. Meditation Makes You More Perceptive. Meditation Makes Your Brain Bigger. Meditation Helps You to Be More Compassionate. Meditation Increases .
Meditation Will Improve Your Memory.

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Meditation can be used for several reasons. This includes improving your spirituality, decreasing your levels and increasing your power of concentration and focus.

The behind meditation is that it allows you to control your own thoughts, instead of letting others control them for you.

People who regularly practice meditation find that their self discipline improves. In addition scientists are discovering that meditating can help improve your health by lowering your blood pressure and boosting your memory functions.

Be sure to create the right environment. Turn off your phone. Close the laptop. Avoid popular music. If helpful listen to a sounds of CD. Make your environment as quiet and tranquil as possible. Do enything you can to avoid any interruptions.

There are five basic components of meditation:

How many times in the day do you find your thoughts wandering? Probably dozens of times at least and this wandering process can be totally distracting.
Mindfulness allows you to stop all these thoughts from popping into your head. This is achieved by quietening these thoughts by concentrating on just one thing for about 10 minutes. Many people like to focus on the sounds of a waterfall or birds chirping in the background. Or you could just concentrate on your own breathing by coming aware of each breathe that you take.

Let thoughts flow through you. Many first time meditators think they need to fight against thoughts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, just let them flow by like clouds through the sky. If it helps, say “thinking” when you have a thought and go back to focusing on where you want your energy to flow.

15 Minute Guided Meditation On Abundance, Balance & Freedom

Active Meditation
This is where you use physical activity to help sync your mind and body. To perform this type of meditation you can simply walk or take part in a yoga class.

A secret of meditation meditation is about your breathing. There are different ways to do this, one way is what’s called the “four fold breath.” Breathe in for four seconds. Hold your breath for four seconds. Breathe out for four seconds. Hold for four seconds. Focus on getting this right for a bit and it will eventually become automatic. Eventually increase the time to where you are only breathing 4 times a minute.

This is one type of meditation that you may have heard of. It is done by repeating a phrase or quote over and over. Select a phrase that holds meaning to you and repeat several times during the day.

Insight Meditation
With this form of meditation you simply focus on one thought or feeling. Choose a topic such as love or anger and then meditate on what this means to you.

Guided Meditation
This type of meditation uses some form of guidance. It could be a person in the same room with you or it can be done by listening to an audio tape. During the process you actually let your thoughts run away with you. This can be a very enjoyable and .

Meditation has a number of proven benefits, but the biggest one is just having a greater mastery over your mind

To experience the full benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary. It takes only a few minutes every day. Once set up into your daily routine, meditation becomes something you look forward to, and the best part of your day.

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