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Beyond Yoga Pants Essential Long Leggings Review

Beyond Essential Long Leggings

Many of my friends have always found it hard to find long legging Yoga pants for their workouts. Many stores are filled with short Yoga pants and the few outdated long leg yoga clothes.

Online stores such as Amazon that have a of these Yoga pants are so similar and confusing that many definitely get overwhelmed when buying.

This has led to many making wrong selections because they lack adequate information on choosing the right kind and quality of these beyond Beyond Yoga Pants Essential Long Leggingsessential leggings Yoga pants.

Though shopping for Yoga pants is among the most complicated activities I have involved myself in, they are still my favorite must haves. This is because they are incredibly comfortable, sexy and versatile.

Long legging Yoga clothes are simply the best, whether you wear them when working out, when having Yoga classes or when just running . After days of running here and there looking for Yoga pants that can cover my long legs, I finally found some and it is wise if I share my discovery with you.

If you’re looking for the perfect full-length legging, look no further. New Fit removed side seam. Triangle gusset allows for greater movement during workouts & prevents the front from riding up. Perfected waistband ensures a flawless fit.

The Rio Flared Leg Foldover Yoga Pants.

The Rio Flared Leg Foldover Pant is one of my favorite long legging Yoga pant from Fit Couture brand that comes in long inseams. The Fit Couture Company that makes these pants is among the most trusted companies today when it comes to knowing their staff.

The Yoga pants are very comfortable whether they are worn as pajamas or for exercises, and they normally come in 35” or 33”. They have great color choices made of a really nice folder over waistband. All in all, the Fit Couture cloth line sells a of styles of Yoga pants that fits everybody whether you are really tall or short.

– Durable and thick
– Excellent for exercising
– The brand offers regular and short inseams
– The Yoga clothes are among the few made from in the US

– Can be uncomfortable in non-workout times
– They are rather expensive


Essential Yoga Foldover Pant

This is one of the high quality and best-selling in the market today. They are an Allay brand and go for $50 a pair. This is pretty cheap considering the quality and long life span they have. They come in 33”, 35”, 36” and 37”.

My advice, however, is to buy one size bigger a pant as many have found them to shrink when you first wash them on warm water. I, however, washed my pair in cold water, and it didn’t shrink. All in all, I like the fact that they can be folded at the waist if bigger in size.

They also come in a variety of colors ranging from black, blue, yellow, purple and others. I, however, prefer black one as washing has always been a big challenge to me.


– They are majorly cotton, which is best for workout and when running .
– They perfectly fit tall girls as they come in really long lengths
– Their foldover come in a variety of beautiful colors.
– They are also very affordable


– They are made from thin materials, which can wear out easily if not carefully handled
– Majority of them have a black waistband which I personally find weird. You can, however, choose from the variety colored waistbands available.

This is one of the few leading long length Yoga pants available in the market today.

Make your Yoga workout more comfortable by getting at least a pair of Yoga Pants, these

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