yoga postures Yoga Asanas.

Yoga Postures – Asanas And Their Names

There are a lot of yoga postures and poses known in Sanskrit as ‘asanas’.

 yoga postures Yoga Asanas.
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Asana is classically defined as ‘posture or pose;’ its literal meaning is ‘seat.’  Originally, there was only one asana– a stable and for prolonged seated meditation.

More than just stretching and toning the physical body, different yoga poses open the nadis – channels,  and chakras – psychic centers of the body. Yoga poses also help to purify and heal the body, as well as helping you to develop a controlled, calm focus of the mind.

The different categories of yoga postures produce different energetic, mental, emotional and physical effects withing your body and mind.

Yoga postures have a lot of benefits such that it aims to improve our posture and overall physical well-being.

Yoga postures are good to strengthen our body, giving focus to the thighs, knees and the ankles. If you get used to practicing yoga positions everyday, you can expect that your muscles and bones will respond fairly quickly.

The abdomen and the buttocks is considered a major turn on for both genders. For the male, it is ideal to keep up a good abdomen of the abs. This makes it one more physically appealing.
Having a good butt matters to some women too, a lot of them are practicing in order to gain a great figure and overall better shape of their bodies.

How to Manage Yoga Postures

Practicing the right Yoga positions can help relieve sciatica. But these are some pains that cannot be prevented. If you do yoga once in a while and even regularly, you may sometimes experience a little back or muscle pain.

8 Yoga Postures to Increase


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Sanskrit transliteration Sanskrit English Image Classification
Adho Mukha Śvānāsana अधोमुखश्वानासन Downward-Facing Dog Pose Ado-muka-shvanasana.jpg Arm Balance and Forward Bend.
Adho Mukha Vṛkṣāsana अधोमुखवृक्षासन Downward-Facing Tree (Full Arm Balance) AcroDanceHandstand.jpg Arm Balance
Ākarṇa Dhanurāsana आकर्णधनुरासन Bow posture up to ear Forward Bend (Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Anantāsana अनन्तासन Ananta‘s pose Anantāsana-posture of ananta.jpg Supine Leg stretch
Anjaneyasana अञ्जनेयासन Honorable Pose, Crescent Moon, Crescent Lunge Standing asana (Hip opener)
Ardha Candrāsana अर्धचन्द्रासन Half moon Asana_Nina-Mel.jpg/150px-Ardha-Chandrasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-Mel.jpg 1.5x, // 2x" alt="Ardha-Chandrasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg" width="100" height="95" data-file-width="700" data-file-height="666" /> Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Ardha Matsyendrāsana अर्धमत्स्येन्द्रासन Half lord of the fishes pose Ardha-Matsyendrasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Twisting (Parivrrta Sthiti)
Ardha Navāsana अर्धनावासन Half boat posture Ardha Navāsana-half-boat.jpg Abdominal asana (Udara Akunchana Sthiti)
Aṣṭāvakrāsana अष्टावक्रासन Aṣṭāvakra‘s pose Astavakrasana.jpg Arm SECe
Baddha Koṇāsana बद्धकोणासन Bound angle Baddha Koṇāsana-bound angle.jpg Sitting asana/Forward Bend (Upavista Sthiti/Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Bakāsana बकासन Crane Bakasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Arm Balance
Bālāsana बालासन Child’s Pose Balasana.JPG Kneeling forward bend
Bharadvājāsana भरद्वाजासन Bharadvaja’s twist Bharadvajasana1 (cropped).JPG Twisting (Parivrrta Sthiti)
Bhekāsana भेकासन Frog Bhekāsana-frog.jpg Backbend (Extension) (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Bhujaṅgāsana भुजङ्गासन Cobra Bhujangasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Bhujapīḍāsana भुजपीडासन Arm-pressing posture Bhujapidasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Arm balance
Bidalasana बिडालासन Cat Pose Kneeling
Caturaṅga Daṇḍāsana चतुरङ्गदण्डासन Four-Limbed Staff Chaturanga-Dandasana low Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Arm Balance
Chakrasana चक्रासन Wheel Chakrasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Daṇḍāsana दण्डासन Staff pose Dandasana yoga posture.jpg Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Dhanurāsana धनुरासन Bow Dhanurasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Dvi Pāda Sirsāsana द्विपादशिरशासन Both feet behind head (lit: two-footed head pose) Forward Bend (Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Dvi Pāda Viparīta Daṇḍāsana द्विपदविपरीतदण्डासन Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Eka Pada Koundinyāsana I एकपादकौण्डिण्यासन Koundinya‘s pose, twisted one legged arm balance Parivritta Eka Pada Koundinyasana.JPG Arm balance
Eka Pada Koundinyasana II एकपादकौण्डिण्यासन Koundinya‘s pose, one legged arm balance with straight legs Eka Pada koundinyasana.JPG Arm balance
Eka Pāda Rājakapotāsana I एकपादराजकपोतासन One-Legged King Pigeon Eka-Pada-Raja-Kapotasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Ekapādaśīrṣāsana एकपादशीर्षासन Foot behind Head Pose Forward Bend (Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Eka pāda śīrṣāsana एकपादशीर्षासन One legged supported head balance Inverted asana (Viparita Sthiti)
Garbhāsana गर्भासन Fetus
Garuḍāsana गरुडासन Eagle pose Garudasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Gomukhāsana गोमुखासन Cow faced pose Gomukhasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Guptasana गुप्तासन
Halāsana हलासन Plough Halasana.jpg Inverted asana (Viparita Sthiti)
Hanumanāsana हनुमानासन Monkey Pose Hanumanasana - Hanuman's Posture - in Diagonal View.jpg Leg Stretch
Jānuśīrṣāsana जानुशीर्षासन Head-to-Knee Forward Bend Janusirsasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Forward Bend (Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Jāṭharaparivṛttāsana जाठरपरिवृत्तासन Belly-revolving posture
Karṇapīḍāsana कपोतासन Ear-pressing Karnapidasana.jpg Inverted asana (Viparita Sthiti)
Krāuñcāsana क्रौञ्चासन Heron
Kukkuṭāsana कुक्कुटासन Cockerel Kukkutasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Arm Balance
Kūrmāsana कूर्मासन Tortoise Kurmasana.jpg Forward Bend (Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Lolāsana लोलासन Pendant
Mahāmudrā महामुद्रा The great seal posture Forward Bend (Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Makarāsana मकरासन Crocodile Makarasana Asana (Crocodile Posture).jpg
Mālāsana मालासन Garland
Maṇḍalāsana मण्डलासन Circle
Mārjāryasana मार्जार्यासन Cat pose
Matsyāsana मत्स्यासन Fish Matsyasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Supine backbend
Matsyendrāsana मत्स्येन्द्रासन Lord of the Fishes Twisting (Parivrrta Sthiti)
Mayūrāsana मयूरासन Peacock Peacock pose.jpg Arm Balance
Muktahastaśīrṣāsana मुक्तहस्तशीर्षासन “Hands-Free” Head stand Inverted asana (Viparita Sthiti)
Muktasana मुक्तसन The liberated Pose
Naṭarājāsana नटराजासन Dancer or Lord of the Dance Natarajasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Nāvāsana नावासन Boat Sitting asana
Nirālambasarvāṅgāsana निरालम्बसर्वाङ्गासन Unsupported shoulder stand Inversion (Viparita Sthiti)
Pādahastāsana पादहस्तासन Standing Forward Bend Padahastasana yoga posture.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Padma Pinyamayurasana Peacock Feather Pose with legs in Padmasana/Elbow Balance Urdhva padmasana.jpg Arm Balance
Padmāsana पद्मासन Lotus Tanumânasî en Meditacion Loto Padmasana.JPG Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Paripūrṇanāvāsana परिपूर्णनावासन Full Boat Paripurna-Navasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Abdominal asana (Udara Akunchana Sthiti)
Parivṛtta Baddha Pārśvakoṇāsana Revolved Bound Side Angle Parivrtta-Baddha-Parsvakonasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Asymmetrical standing twist with hand lock
Parivrtta Pārśvakonasana परिवृत्तपार्श्वकोणासन Revolved Side Angle Revolved Lunge.jpg Twisting (Parivrrta Sthiti)
Parivṛttatrikoṇāsana परिवृत्तत्रिकोणासन Revolved Triangle Twisting (Parivrrta Sthiti)
Parsvottanāsana Intense stretch to the side Parshvottanasana.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Paryaṅkāsana पर्यङ्कासन Couch Pose Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Pāśāsana पाशासन Noose Pasasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Twisting (Parivrrta Sthiti)
Paścimottānāsana पश्चिमोत्तानासन Extension of the posterior (western) part of the body Paschimotanasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Forward Bend (Paschima Prattana Sthiti)
Pincha Mayurasana Feathered Peacock Pose, forearm balance Arm Balance
Prasāritapādottānāsana प्रसारितपादोत्तानासन Wide Stance Forward Bend Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Rajakapotāsana कपोतासन King Pigeon Kapotasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Śalabhāsana शलभासन Locust Salabhasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Salamba Sarvāṅgāsana I सर्वाङ्गासन Shoulder Stand Sarvangasana.jpg Inversion (Viparita Sthiti)
Salamba Śīrṣāsana I शीर्षासन Supported Headstand Shirshasana.jpg Inversion (Viparita Sthiti)
Samakoṇāsana समकोणासन Straight angle
Samasthitiḥ समस्थितिः Equal Standing Tadasana - Yoga Art and Science.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Śaśakāsana शशकासन Rabbit Rabbit pose.jpg
शवासन Corpse Pose Shavasana.jpg Resting asana (Visranta Karaka Asana)
Setubandhāsana सेतुबन्धासन Bridge Pose Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Setubandhasarvāṅgāsana सेतुबन्धसर्वाङ्गासन Shoulder supported Bridge Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Siddhāsana सिद्धासन Siddhi’s Pose Sidhasana.JPG Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Siṁhāsana सिंहासन Lion Simhasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg
Sukhāsana सुखासन Auspicious (Easy) Pose Sukkasana.jpg Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Suptabaddhakoṇāsana सुप्तभद्धकोणासन Reclining Bound Angle Resting asana (Visranta Karaka Asana)
Suptakoṇāsana सुप्तकोणासन Angle Inversion (Viparita Sthiti)
Supta Padangustasana I Catching the big toe supine pose Ardha maerudhandaasana.jpg Supine Leg stretch
Suptavajrāsana सुप्तवज्रासन Thunderbolt
Suptavīrāsana सुप्तवीरासन Reclining Hero Supta-Virasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Resting asana (Visrana Karaka Asana)
Svastikāsana स्वस्तिकासन Cross Pose Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Tāḍāsana ताडासन Mountain Pose Tadasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Tiṭṭibhāsana टिट्टिभासन Insect Pose Arm balance
Trikoṇāsana त्रिकोणासन Triangle Trikonasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Tulāsana तुलासन Balance posture Yoga-tulasana.JPG Arm Balance
Uḍḍīyānabandha उड्डीयानबन्ध The abdominal lock
Upavesāsana Squatting Pose Squatting asana
Upaviṣṭakoṇāsana उपविष्टकोणासन Open Angle Forward Bend (Paschima Pratana Sthiti)
Urdhva Dhanurasana ऊर्ध्वधनुरासन Upwards-facing bow Chakrasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Ūrdhvamukhaśvānāsana ऊर्ध्वमुखश्वानासन Upward-Facing Dog Upward-facing dog pose.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Uṣṭrāsana उष्ट्रासन Camel Ustrasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)
Utkaṭāsana उत्कटासन Awkward Pose/Powerful pose Utkatasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Uttanakūrmāsana उत्तानकूर्मासन Inverted Tortoise
Uttānāsana उत्तानासन Standing Forward Bend Uttanasana.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Utthitahastapādāṅguṣṭhāsana उत्थितहस्तपादाङ्गुष्ठासन Standing Big Toe Hold Utthita-Hasta-Padangusthasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Utthitapārśvakoṇāsana उत्थितपार्श्वकोणासन Extended Side Angle Utthita-Parshvakonasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Uttihita Pārśvakonasana Extended Side Angle Pose Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Vajrāsana वज्रासन Thunderbolt Vajrasana.jpg Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Vasiṣṭhāsana वसिष्ठासन Vasista’s pose/Vasista is the name of a sage Yoga PLank.jpg Arm Balance (Side Plank Pose)
Vātāyanāsana वातायनासन Horse Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Viparītakaraṇi विपरीतकरणि Legs-up-the-Wall Viparita-Karani Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Inverted asana (Viparita Sthiti)
Vīrabhadrāsana I वीरभद्रासन Warrior I Virabhadrasana I - Warrior Pose I.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Vīrabhadrāsana II वीरभद्रासन II Warrior II Warrior II.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Vīrabhadrāsana III वीरभद्रासन III Warrior III Tuladandasana.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Vīrāsana वीरासन Hero Virasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Sitting asana (Upavista Sthiti)
Vṛkṣāsana वृक्षासन Tree Vriksasana Yoga-Asana Nina-Mel.jpg Standing asana (Uttihista Sthiti)
Vṛścikāsana वृश्चिकासन scorpion Backbend (Purva Pratana Sthiti)

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Learn The Sanskrit Names of Video

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Energetic Effect: Grounding & Balancing • Physical Effect: Flexibility
Threading the Needle
Easy Pose
Seated Forward Bend
Table Pose
Balancing Table
One-Legged King Pigeon (Version A)
Accomplished Pose
Cat Tilt Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Bound Angle
Half lord of the fishes (Version A)
Half Lotus

Energetic Effect: Uplifting & Opening • Physical Effect: Strength
Five Pointed Star
Warrior II
Standing Forward Fold
Goddess Squat
Warrior I
Crescent Moon
Standing Backbend
High Lunge
Reverse Warrior
Warrior III

Energetic Effect: Nurturing & Integrating • Physical Effect: FlexibilityV
Belly Twist (Version A)
Half Supine Hero
Wind Relieving Pose
Joyful Baby
Supine Bound Angle
Supine Pigeon
Supine Hero

Energetic Effect: Energizing • Physical Effect: Back & Core Strength
Downward Facing Frog
Half Locust
Four Limbed Staff Pose
Half Bow
Upward Facing Dog

The above main categories of yoga poses can also be categorized into the yoga pose types below. You can also filter by these posture types on the above main pose category pages.


Bridge poseMatsyasana • Fish poseUstrasana • Camel Pose
Energetic Effect: Energizing
Physical Effect: Strengthens Back & Core, Opens Chest


Crane yoga pose • Revolved Half Moon
Energetic Effect: Invigorating
Physical Effect: Strengthens Arms & Legs


Purvottanasana • Inclined PlaneOne Leg Boat
Energetic Effect: Stabilizing
Physical Effect: Strengthens Core Muscles


Uttanasana • Standing Forward FoldChild yoga poseParsvottanasana • Pyramid
Energetic Effect: Calming
Physical Effect: Stretches hamstrings & back muscles

Upavistha Konasana • Seated AngleBound Angle poseHanumanasana • Seated Splits
Energetic Effect: Surrendering
Physical Effect: Opens hips


• Revolved Half MoonParivrtta Parsvakonasana • Revolved Side AngleParvritta Trikonasana • Revolved Triangle
Energetic Effect: Letting Go
Physical Effect: Stretches back muscles

Here are some techniques on how to maintain a good yoga postures. Just follow these steps in order for you to fully understand yoga postures and learn to be able to execute them in the proper manner.

1. You should stand with the bases of your big toes touching and the heels should be slightly apart. You must lift and spread your toes slowly and the balls of your feet too. Then after, you need to lay them softly down on the floor. Rock yourself back and forth and even side to side. You may gradually reduce this swaying to maintain a standstill, with your weight balanced evenly on your feet.

2. Hardening your thigh muscles and then lifting the knee caps is next. Do it without hardening your lower belly. Lift the inner ankles to make stronger the internal arches, then picture a line of energy all the way up along your inner thighs up to your groins. From there through the core of your neck, torso, and head, and out through the crown of your head. You should turn the upper thighs slowly inward. Make your tailbone longer toward the floor and raise the pubis in the direction of the navel.

3. Push your shoulder blades into your back, then broaden them cross-ways and discharge them down your back. Without roughly pushing your lower front ribs forward, lift the top of your sternum straight toward the ceiling. Broaden your collarbones. Suspend your arms alongside the torso.

4. You should balance the crown of your head, unswerving over the middle of your pelvis, with the base of your chin analogous to the floor, throat soft, and the tongue broad and plane on the floor of your mouth. Make your eyes look softer.

5. Tadasana is usually the initial yoga position for all the standing poses. Applying Tansana is useful especially in applying the poses. Staying in the pose for 30 seconds up to 1 minute, then breathing easily keeps it satisfactory.

Just follow these simple basics and you will be sure that you are doing the right steps when performing yoga postures.

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