Zen And The Art of Slimming down

Zen Meditation And Your Health

Zen meditation, often called Zazen, has a rich history stemming from Buddhist traditions.

Its practice involves sitting in specific postures and focusing on the breath, allowing thoughts to pass without attachment.

The benefits of Zen meditation on health are numerous and have been increasingly supported by scientific research.

Here are some key health advantages associated with Zen meditation:

Mental Health Benefits

  • Stress Reduction: Regular practice can lower stress levels by reducing the production of stress hormones like cortisol.
  • Anxiety Management: It helps in managing symptoms of anxiety by encouraging a sense of calm and presence.
  • Improved Focus: Enhances concentration and attention span through mindful practices.
  • Better Emotional Regulation: Assists in managing emotions, leading to improved mood and resilience.
  • Depression: Some studies suggest meditation can be an effective part of treating depression.

Physical Health Benefits

  • Lower Blood Pressure: This can reduce blood pressure, which benefits heart health.
  • Reduced Chronic : May decrease perception and improve quality of life for those with chronic conditions.
  • Enhanced Immune System: Some evidence indicates that regular meditation may boost the immune response.
  • Better Sleep: This can improve sleep patterns, making it easier to fall asleep and increasing sleep quality.
  • Slower Cellular Aging: Telomere length, a marker of cellular aging, may be preserved through consistent meditation practice.

Cognitive Benefits

  • Neuroplasticity: May promote changes in the brain associated with learning, memory, and emotional control.
  • Decreased Cognitive Decline: This could potentially slow the progression of cognitive decline with aging.

Overall Well-being

  • Increased Self-awareness: Provides greater insight into one’s thoughts and behaviors, fostering personal growth.
  • Mindfulness in Daily Life: Encourages a more mindful approach to everyday activities, enhancing overall life satisfaction.

While Zen meditation can benefit many, it’s important to note that it is not a substitute for medical treatment.

It can be a complementary practice alongside other therapy and medical care forms.

Those interested in starting Zen meditation should consider seeking guidance from a qualified instructor to ensure proper technique and gain the most benefit from their practice.

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Spiritual Lessons On Losing Weight Without Torturing Yourself.

Behind The Message

Left out in the standard equation, the eat-less-and-exercise-more truism is that we’re physical and spiritual beings.

Right now, though, action needs to be taken.

People are gaining weight at an alerting rate. From our eldest individuals to our youngest, we’re plumping up at levels never seen previously.

Zen Health Basics

We have to address three main areas if we wish to bring about long-run weight loss: the mental, emotional, and physiological facets.

This may be a road even as hard as the strictest diet and as painful as running a marathon. It may be, but it’s not.

Utilizing a couple of simple strategies, you can bolster your self-control, metabolic rate, and favorable feelings about slimming down.

Likewise, you can relieve hunger pains and feelings of angst over your present weight.

You can do this yourself or have an acquaintance or professional help you with them, so don’t be concerned that you may never have tried anything like this before!

Here are a few basic zen strategies you can utilize to aid in slimming down.

While simple, they’re really powerful. You still have to diet and exercise; these techniques will make that easier to do, though.

Start by calming yourself and quieting your mind. Just take a minute to not worry about anything, relax, and let go of any distractions.

Bear the thought in your mind that you’re already slim. I know this appears unusual, but if you wish to slim down, it helps convince yourself that it’s possible.

If your brain rebels and tries to tell you something different, replace the thought with the idea you’re slim and healthy, and don’t fret about it. It will take a bit of time to train your subconscious on how to be slender.

Spend a few minutes simply “knowing” that you’re slim and trim.

You don’t even have to picture it. As a matter of , to your deeper self, it’s more helpful if you don’t picture it.

Now, imagine your day.

“See” yourself consuming a healthy breakfast. Set about your day till lunch. Carry the concept of all this time passing without much hunger.

Conceive of enjoying a lunch of healthy foods that you organized in the morning.

Know that strains will occur, and you’ll let them go. See yourself consuming some exercise and truly enjoying it. Is it hard? Certainly, but nothing you can’t handle! Run through dinner in this way also.

Notice that you’re not craving sweets in particular; hunger isn’t an issue for you, either. Maybe you’ll have a small snack before bed?

That’s up to you.

The crucial thing here is to utilize conceptual thought as much as possible.

If You haven’t gotten the trick of thinking about ideas as yet, do your best. Envisioning your desired day will work, too, just not as strongly.

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Using Several ZEN Concepts In A Row

Next, we’re going to hold several separate concepts in a row.

These will, in reality, be building powerful spiritual fields around you, so make certain you keep the ideas/concepts you’re maintaining really clear and as constant as conceivable.

More Positive Steps

1. Hold the thought of energy in your . Feel the energy flowing through you. A buzz and exiting your system. This will step up your metabolic rate. Feel it in each part of your . Hold this for at least a minute.

2. Hold the thought of warmth. Beginning in the center of your body and warming every part of your being. This will step up your metabolism even more. Once again, maintain for at least a minute.

3. Carry the idea of a lack of hunger. This is so potent that you must utilize care not to strip yourself of hunger altogether. This will, in reality, dampen your sense of physical hunger and appetite. Continue this for a minute.

4. At last, hold the concept of happiness. Everybody ought to practice this irrespective of their want to lose pounds! It will build up your morale enough to stick to your diet and exercise program.

There are a lot of additional things that can be done to help a person slim down by utilizing spiritual techniques.

For example, pain control techniques may make exercise more pleasant, as may simple mood elevation.

Ideas of what sorts of foods are tasty may be altered both internally and from the outside of yourself with a little help.

Metabolism may be increased, and adipose tissue may be triggered to expel fat instead of conserving it.

Sure, you’ll still have to watch what you eat.

Physical activity is great for you and should be part of your daily program.

These additional spiritual healing methods may help to increase the ease and effectiveness of weight loss efforts, making a definite gain in your quality of life.

If you would like to attempt these techniques but fear you lack the required skill, try to enlist an acquaintance to give you a hand.

If that is not a choice, you may try getting professional help to make things easier in the short term. With practice, you can learn to do all of these things and more on your own.

Now the question is, have you decided to take charge of your weight, or do you keep doing what you have always done?

It’s up to you.

Our Psychological Immune Scheme

Developing a healthy body is developing a high-functioning psychological immune scheme.

Truly, developing a high-functioning psychological immune scheme is even more crucial to developing a healthy body than many physical factors.

This is true as our thoughts create our truth.

Even if you do everything right on the physical level and the psychological immune scheme isn’t functioning right, this will compromise your body.

So, let us now explore what I mean by developing a healthy psychological immune scheme.

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ZEN and The Brain

This starts with every morning getting up, claiming your power, and putting on your mental, emotional, and spiritual armor, love, and attunement.

Just as we put on physical apparel each morning, we have to put on mental, emotional, and spiritual apparel daily.

This starts with putting on your power, then your semi-permeable bubble of protection, and then your unconditional self-love and self-worth.

Then, you must put on your overall consciousness, which may also be called your positive mental attitude.

Some of the other most crucial attitudes to put on are having preferences rather than attachments, viewing things as lessons, non-judgmentalness, and forgiveness, to name a few.

The other most crucial attitude to claim is that you’re the cause of your truth by how you think.

Part of this Zen understanding is to totally own that each feeling and emotion you have is caused by how you think and not by any individual or condition outside of yourself.

Your thoughts produce your feelings and emotions, and your behavior and what you attract, magnetize, and/or repel in your life.

It’s this attitude of being a cause rather than being an effect, a master instead of a victim, which likewise makes you invulnerable.

When you fully own your mental and emotional invulnerability and that you cause your truth and may demonstrate this in your daily life, you have a healthy psychological immune scheme.

Through self-inquiry, this means each time a damaging thought tries to enter your conscious brain, you push it out and deny it entrance or replace it with a favorable attitude and/or feeling.

If you let the damaging thought form in your mind, you’ll be mentally and emotionally sick and hence have a weakened psychological immune scheme that won’t aid weight loss.

If this continues, this is the initial cause for actual physical viruses, bacteria, and fat to form.

The same principle applies to negativity coming from others.

This is why it’s essential each morning upon arising to affirm and visualize that you have a semi-permeable bubble of light around you that protects you not only from others but, likewise, gives you a particular degree of detachment and protection from your subconscious.

So, this protects you from your subconscious, others, and outside negativity.

The bubble is semi-permeable as it allows in positive energy but keeps out any negativity. This is the proper balance that’s needed to stay psychologically centered, which may aid in weight loss.

The Zen ideal is to make your mind and emotions reflect this aspect of self instead of being over-identified with the physical vehicle, which is the definition of the negative ego thought system.

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